PECOC and Badges????

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Bren501abf, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. What can be sewn onto the PECOC shirt or jacket? IE: I have been informed when I deploy to theatre next week I am to have 2 badges on each blanking plate on my arms, the left arm is to have the Union Flag and Bde flash and the right arm is to have the ISAF badge with the TRF/DZ flash above it. If you are Cdo trained you are to have Flashes sewn onto the top of both arms (one isn't enough) and pilots have their wings sewn onto the breast of the shirt. I have been informed that if you are Para trained you have nowhere to sew wings onto the new kit, is this right? I'm not looking for an anti Airborne / badge collector slagging, but I need to get this right for the blokes when they deploy. If anyone has the actual dress regs concerning the new kit please post.

    Muchas Gracias.
  2. Are you deploying with 3 Cdo Bde? No need for Cdo flashes. Are you parachuting in? No need for wings then. Are you taking your own helicopter? See above... :)

    Just get important shit sorted first and worry about badges - just wait til the grown-ups moan about it in theatre - they'll only moan about something else if your badges are on the ball. ;-)
  3. You have been told right wrt commando flashes and pilot wings. The dress regs also state Max 2 badges per blanking plate (including mandatory Union Flag on left). Chain of command decision as to which 2 - TRF, wings and ISAF badge etc. Its nothing to do with being anti-para etc, just a question of real-estate!
  4. Save the taxpayer the expense and bin the badges and the velcro.
  5. Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges.
  6. What's with the badge proliferation recently?

    We are starting to look like Yanks.

    Surely rank and skills badge (Para/Marine etc) plus Bde flash are enough?
  7. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Personally I think we should chin off ALL badges.
  8. It'll stop you getting your legs blown off by an IED I suposse?
  9. We have just had the good news at our place we will have to pay for our own badges and tailoring, even the new name tags, as apparently the ones I have worn for 20 years aren't the correct ones. It will be interesting to see how the badge piece evolves. As with CS95 it was supposed to be a badgeless uniform, and see how long that lasted.
  10. I've just had to buy mine and pay to get them tailored.

    Shite! If the Army want you to wear them, they should pay.
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  11. Agreed.

    It's like Court Mounted Medals. Gripped my shit having to pay for that.
  12. TB the half acre of velcro stuck on each sleeve pocket would suggest that it wasn't meant to be badgeless. Either that or Gearspotter has shares in whoever makes velcro.

    At a time when the army is been savaged by cuts and is starved of cash it is ridiculous that we are making uniforms more expensive than they ought to be by adding wholly unnecessary caggage.
  13. Agreed point I was trying to bring out is that you are having to pay for badges etc yourself as the system will not support tailoring and other things that have always been available in the past
  14. Wait 'til Stacker sees this!