Pebble poo alley

So there we have it, I went out with Goku last night and got hammered..... Goku woke up in Brighton and I woke up in bed, my bed!

Well this morning my eyes opened to the feeling of my head beating retreat and my mouth sucking on a camels toe!

My hands were a shaking and I just lay there for ages wishing I had left the last beer like Goku did (I saw that you lightweight)!

I went through several stages of feeling ill, wanting to throw up but I thought to myself - all self inflicted, endure.

When I did get up, it was very clear, that the ablutions were the right place for this tender body.... so I trotted off to the loo...... I pebble dashed like a good un and heard Johnny Cash singing "A ring of fire".

By the ways Beebs, you are right, John Smiths does make farts and poo smell!

I finished my poo, used the brush and opened my door to see the resident porridge wog washing his mits looking at me in disgust as I tottered past him, mumbling my greatings.

So here I am, sat in front of this steam fueled thing thinking - was it worth it?

YES it bloody well was to hear theat Goku woke up in Brighton (gay capital by all accounts)!!!!! Ask him - he knows! :D 8) :lol: :wink:
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