Pearl Necklace

Although Richard Burton was a Crabfat, he seems to have picked up a squaddies sense of humour.

He gave Elizabeth Taylor a Pearl Necklace which was sold yesterday for $11m (after all these years it seems to polish up a treat)

He also gave her a Starfish pendant, perhaps his way of thanking her for letting him get back to his roots and doing a bit a Chocolate Mining after he'd been out on the lash.


I just had a cracking bowl of cream of tomato soup with two hot buttered french rolls.
MrT, your code is too strong to break. Please point out the inuendo in your soup statement for the weak minded viewer.


Oh, we are doing innuendo? Shit!

Hang on I am not very good at this. I once, errr something about tits? Oh fuck it.
Mr T, pop down to your local newsagent, there is a Christmas edition of Viz on the shelves.
I'll be honest mate, looking at her teeth I hid my rod from view (which is no easy task I assure you) and shoved hear chops in my musky canyon.

Credit to her though, she snaffles ass like she's possessed.

Mate, i left my watch on your bedside table, it will be too big for your homo thin wrists, could you post it back please amigo :)
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