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Pearl Jam

Live at the Reading Festival. Absolutely awesome !

All the faves, including Betterman, defo in my all time Top 10.
I watched this myself i love Pearl Jam

couldn't get a ticket unfortunately cos the Glasto w*nkers bought em all, so it was NME 5 minute wonder band tastic festival full of gipping students whose daddy has a porsche

When are the BBC gonna grow a set and show some slayer they've been talking about them all night.
Saw them earlier tonight on TV at the Reading Fest, they're wonderful, absolutely fanbloodytastic!!
Watched V and Reading on telly.


I like the idea of the silent disco, rather interesting.

Why the hell do they stick on spoilt 5-minute wonders like Lily Allen? Terrible, terrible singing. Way out of tune. Presumably cos her Dad's marginally famous (for being a crap, obnoxious, precious actor), she's ok to appear at the opening of an envelope.

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