Peak stove fuel

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by commzmeanzbombz, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick question:

    Does my newly aquired peak stove take unleaded petrol?

    I dont want to destroy it!


  2. yes it does, well mine does, thats all I use in it.
  3. Yes but try and get Naptha from your POL blerk, it's free.
  4. The best stuff is Coleman fuel but it is stupidly expensive. You can also get Aspen fuel and it is the same thing. I run my MSR on that, no worries Aspen Fuel Linky
    Unleaded can give you problems with jets clogging up; that usually happens when you don't have a spare jet or cleaners with you
  5. Nice one, cheers fellas
  6. Go to your local motor factors, ask for Panel Wipe, same stuff as Coleman fuel but much cheaper
  7. You might want to consider buying some burning paste/gel for pre-heating of the generator tube if using it in this weather?
  8. I think that peak stove more or less take any fuel in an emergency :)
  9. Had mine running on diesel before although it took a lot of Arctic toothpaste to light it.
  10. What the best brand of stove around today?
    Am thinking of stocking some.
  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    That'll be down to the CFPP then (Cold Filter Plugging Point). The colder it is the less likely you are to get it to start....
  12. I've had a Peak One for over 20 years, and although it will run on other stuff, I now only use Coleman fuel in it. I managed to get a stock of about 10 litres from a camping supplies place that was closing down, so I'm sorted. Otherwise it is stupidly expensive.

    I used to run it on unleaded, but it spits and flares a lot, and burns dirty. After about year on unleaded it wouldn't light at all, and I had to run it through with white spirit a few times to clean the generator tube and nozzles. Unleaded burns colder than Coleman too, so you can end up with a drizzle of unburnt fuel seeping over the top of the body, which can catch fire later... this has happened to me on a number of occasions, and is really alarming !

    I haven't heard of Panel Wipe, but I will certainly look into this, as at present, Coleman Fuel is around £6 per 500ml.