Peak Caps

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Nutter, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. I am sorry if I seem a bit retarded with the following question.

    How the hell do you get the cap badge and chin strap onto a peak cap there doesnt seem to be anywhere to fit them do I need to cut into the cap.

    Yes I am an ACF adult before anyone asks how come I dont know; was given it two years but never needed to wear it. Now one of my cadets needs it.
  2. Chinstrap - you need to sew buttons on either side.
    Capbadge - There should be a metal'guide/insert' inside the upstand for the correct, mine have always had the hole pre cut
  3. Sew the buttons on and fit the chinstrap, cut a hole for the cap badge. Simples
  4. thanks for that it. I thought it was, in the end through brute force and ignorance the motto went in.

    The chinstrap however there is some white thread where i think the buttons need to be do the buttons have to be sewn from the inside as it seems if so i need to cut into the cap or to the outside.
  5. I bored through mine with an awl/bradle/sharp pointy thing then used split pins to hold the buttons in place,makes it easier to remove if it requires cleaning.
  6. If only that had occured to me! I spent a good half hour trying to sew it in through the hole. And very sore fingers too!
  7. Use the white thread to sew through (ie: push your needle through one side of the threads and out the other) much easier than butchering the cap. As to the cap badge, ALL Regiments have rules as to how high / low it should be. Make sure you find out which applies to your Regiment before hacking holes in it.
  8. ive just recently been doing the peak cap thing alot, i found if you use the white thead as reference, get the buttons into the join then press a pin through the bottom, just a touch of permi marker on the pin heads so they blend in. this keeps the buttons tight and very tidy looking

    with the chin strap there is two small adjustment buckles, the buckle with the small ball beside it goes on the left (well it does with my lot)

    and finally there should be a shieth at the front where the capbadge slips in, i wasnt made aware of any spacings for my capbadge but as said above id make sure before you fitit
  9. Sorry, should have explained, if your badge has a single prong you should be Ok sliding it in the available hole / slot whatever. If your badge has two pin holes then make sure you align it properly
  10. Thanks guys the deed is done. The cadet im lending it to should be alright with it now.