Peackeepers Killed in Darfur

Not a good way for the rebels to make friends. Of course it may have been government forces posing as rebels...

HASKANITA, Sudan - Rebel forces stormed a small African Union base in northern Darfur and killed at least 10 peacekeepers, leaving behind charred armored vehicles and bombed out barracks in an unprecedented attack on the beleaguered mission that threatened upcoming peace talks.

More than 30 peacekeepers were still missing by late Sunday, indicating the death toll from the attack could rise significantly.
This is something that really annoys me, it should not be a peacekeeping force in there when there is still fighting; peacekeepers are only meant to go in once a ceasefire has been agreed on. This should have been a chapter VII force with much more power instead of putting soldiers in with restricted use of force powers like lambs to the slaughter.

RIP and thoughts with the families.

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