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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Apr 11, 2005.

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  1. I am sure this is just a spin put on the "Selective Service" system.

    Basiclly every male in the US has to register for the draft incase they are needed.

    No a bad system IMHO, knowing where all the men of military age are in the country so if you need them you can get hold of them.

    There is a good web site if you want the details.
  2. What recruiters basically do in the States is cold-call about 100 (!) people a day. That clause in the No Child Left Behind Act is quite underhand, a bit like those Acts that provide funding for abstinence programmes heavily favouring those who emphasise celibacy and put a bad spin on condoms (especially as kids who pledge celibacy end up getting pregnant because they don't have birth control to hand when they finally do it).
    The big problem is that a not-insignificant number of families keep getting called despite constant attempts to get their kid off the recruiters' lists. This includes sons and daughters of veterans. It cheapens the military horribly when recruiters become the closest thing to telemarketers.

    But what's obviously more important to the government is the current, growing recruiting problem. That's why they sneak that one in, to get a good overview of the recruiting pool.
    Consider that recruiters can end up calling thousands of people a month and still struggle to meet their monthly target of....2.
    The US Army is the main culprit, because they have the highest recruiting needs and their number of walk-ins is quite low.

    Walk-ins form a large percentage of British Army recruits, but that percentage is gradually decreasing. Successful recruiters in the cities increasingly rely heavily on visits to job centres, etc, to find recruits. What I've never heard a British armed service do is cold call, though.

    It's all about the war going on right now; recruiters now have to spend months pursuading reticent parents to give up their children. That's the big change, and that's why they've decided to do the recruiting equivalent of trawler fishing.
    Army service here is even less prestigious than it is in Britain. People do it for the educational benefits. When a war's on, people quickly discover other ways to fund themselves through college.

    The prestige difference is most marked with officers. In Britain, having Army Officer on your CV is a massive bonus, and you'll generally rise a couple of ranks in the social strata. In the States, having been an Army officer won't get you half as much respect. That's why the current acceptance rate for Army OCS (Officer Candidate School) is, wait for it, 100%. Of course, that rate is largely the Army's fault because there is such an incredible amount of staff jobs in the US military that they need a high influx of officer bodies.

    Just a few, incoherent thoughts on the matter...

    PS: What's wrong with Green Card soldiers?
  3. OCS does not have 100% acceptance rates ! This year from ROTC some 4000 2LT's will be commissioned with about 2800 going into the regular army and the rest split between the NG and reserves. Which is intended to meet the LT shortage in the reserves. The UK is a very class oriented society and the US is isnt. Former officers are very desireable in the private sector as are enlisted people with critical skills.

    The active Army needs around 84,000 new recruits annually. The economy is growing and there are alot more job opportunities so the army is competing with the private sector. No doubt the war is a factor. But so are recruiting standards. In the 17-21 age category over 70% are not qualified. Of that number 41% dont qualify educationally and 23% dont qualify due to medical/moral reasons the key factor in this category are people with criminal convictions [a DUI offense can keep you out].
  4. According to AD recruiters at, they do - or pretty close to 100%. The point is not all pass OCS.

    And, whoa, 40% of Americans aged 17-21 don't even have the GED?
  5. I'm over in the US at the moment and cheesypoptart is pretty much on the money. What's more is that potential recruits are starting to read the small print, especially with regard to the stop-loss policy. As far as I can tell about a Bde worth of veterans have been pulled off civvy street. Turned out that it was quite a rude shock to most of them.

    By the way I've heard from people that have been to the "5-sided wind tunnel on the Potomac River" that things are getting so bad regarding the quality of recruits that many of the training guides are now in cartoon format. Can anyone substaniate?
  6. I thought that was a long standing policy to make the soldiers more likely to read the things. When you think about it it's not so stupid, as long as you have a real training manual somewhere nearby.

    2 cents dispensed.
  7. S'pose not from a practical point of view, but at a deeper level why appeal to the lowest common denominator? It's not as if the spams aren't gash enough already.
  8. I'm off to Benning or wherever they'll let me by the end of the year, so I'll be able to tell you then.

    Anyone remember those educational cartoons they show you in the British Army about Not Littering, etc (something about "Be Green" or something "Green")?