Peaceful Rise of the First Gay Superpower Since Sparta?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. On Kings of War Peaceful Rise of the First Gay Superpower Since Sparta?
    This raises an important point: so how are we going to assure that Chinese are safely gayed up and don't turn all nasty and butch in a 300 kinda way?

    It is a very cool T-Shirt:
  2. Sounds like a pain in the arse to me.
  3. The advantage is that less females will eventually mean less offspring in Asia. the world is too over populated so a goood move.
  4. That's only useful if they STAY in Asia....
  5. 'One Child' has had one interesting consequence: people are far more prepared to get their daughter educated than used to be the case, since she's going to be their best shot at a comfortable retirement.

    Case in point, the Jade Dream. She's from a pretty poor county a few hours north of Jincheng City in Gansu. The terrain looks a lot like the pictures from round Kajaki way in AFG and it's hard, hard country to make a living in. Her family aren't exactly well off, but once they realised they had a bright spark on their hands the entire extended family clubbed together to get her into the best schools they could afford, to Fudan University (she did computing and Fudan is China's MIT) and then to UK for a Masters. From the gender balance amongst Chinese students in the UK, NZ and US (don't know about Australia, the other big destination) I'd guess they're not the only ones.

    Creating a group of women with the brains, options and earning power that go hand in hand with an overseas education was always going to give them a bit of leverage.

    As to the whole 'gay' thing, poor old Matteo Ricci got the fright of his celibate life when he got to Zhaoqing. The Ming didn't really see much connection between how you got your jollies and doing your duty by your ancestors.