"Peace" Protestors Burn Soldier Effigy

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Chief_Joseph, Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. Wait till he is drunk one night and then kill him.

    Or show him you support his right to freedom of speach and humble the little fcuker, whilst loading his drinks with viagra and laxative one night.

    Sorry, the idea of someone sh1tting through the eye of aneedle whilst trying to control a huge hard on at the same time appeals to me this morning.
  2. Chief

    Give him a demonstration as to how the focussed application of extreme violence by the very soldiers he so obviously despises has allowed him to hold such views.

    Whilst of course explaining that in no way do you condone the use of violence but merely understand, as he does not, that occasionally all that stands between him and oppression are a small group of men capable of dealing out hot leaden death on his behalf.
  3. Surprised that is legal in the US.
  4. I liked the slogan that said "Fcuk the Troops".

    If they have another protest I hope Chiefy turns out with a similar banner, how about "Unlock your daughters for 3 Para Mortars". Bend-2-3, Stretch-2-3...
  5. Dozy little bastwards...

    Burn a politician if you have to... but not a soldier. Soldiers don't cause wars... Polititians and voters (including these little bastwards) do.
  6. Judging by the photographs, looks like the 'usual suspects' ; Pro Palestinian movements, anarchists,and some kind of gay organisation?

    Where's police brutality when you need it eh?
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The thing is these morons are so stupid that they don't realise the troops are not consulted on these things.
  8. Can I go out and burn a protestor.... effigy?
  9. Here's something else to cheer you up Chief,

    How many of those misfits are holding down "gainful employment" do you reckon?
    I'd bet that YOUR taxes are paying for those creatures to burn flags and effigies!

    May I suggest a spot of naming and shaming for the little dears. Get a phot. of your "friend" burning a flag (or something) and put it somewhere public. Hopefully his life will rapidly become "complicated."
  10. Let's have a burn a protestor rally, we can find some protesters I am sure.

    We can also be green, and use the same "fcuk the troops" banners with a little creativity, "Women, **** the troops happy" may work.

    Then all down to the pub for a beer.

    Not down to the welfare for a cheque then some pot like most protesters.
  11. Frog,

    I really like the idea, but if you could somehow add chili to the recipe I think that would do it.
  12. Oregon is absolutely infested with these asshats.
    Here in the Bend area, they add a touch of hypocrisy, by driving to "No Blood For Oil" peace protests in Hummers, Suburbans, and BMW 750's.
  13. It's here as well. After all, you can't fit all those bumper stickers unless your car is absolutely massive :roll:

    To be fair, these individuals were not crowd favorites. They also hurled insults at the "cowardly" protesters and were trying to incite the police (and succeeded, a bunch of these pricks got sprayed with mace). A friend of mine told me that one of them was yelling at a bunch of kids who were engaging in actual peaceful protest by saying "you guys aren't going to have an effect on anything" to which they were met with the response "yeah, and wearing black and not showering will help us make an impact".

    Anyway, the people are absolute slime. But, I'm glad they have the right to do this, because who knows when I'll be censored. Even if they are cuntz.
  14. problem is that in this cuntry all speech from the left is deemed free speech anyone from the right says something it's hate speech. It's OK for a leftie to dub Barack Obama the Magic Negro, but Trent Lott was chastied for saying something off the cuff and nice to a crusty old fart at his birthday.

    Fcuk the unwashed and I hope some guys from Ft. Lewis run into those pant loads and tool them up a biit.