Peace protesters

Still a gutsy performance though, I wouldn't have liked to be doing it in the weather in the last few days.

So there you are trumptonites, a bunch of hippies are more gutsy than you fcuking lot. Go back to work



Ref the above: - Why are these people allowed to get away with it? Is there not some kind of law in place that would enable them to be removed by force if need be and arrested?


Och don't git me started oan Greenpeace! ;D

They don't get away with it. In the case of the oil companies, they serve them with a court order. Nine times out of ten,that tends to remove them......

However, in the case of the Brent Spar a few years ago in the North Sea, they had to be removed by coppers and Sheriffs officers.

Greenpeace can hardly talk though.....if you've ever seen any of their ships, they're the biggest polluters going around. I said......they're all mouth till you hit them with a court order. They don't like fines.