Peace protesters can carry on

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Nibbler, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Seems it's all OK then.

    Billy Spart's Circus

    If this is already the subject of a thread my profuse apologies - but I didn't find it.
  2. It's very odd since it appears that their defence rested entirely upon preventing the USAF from dropping weapons it doesn't have:

    Now is a scatter bomb is a nastier version of a scatter cushion or a CBU, I wonder?

    I can't help thinking that the prosecution has a problem here - if the jury was exposed to the full targeting process, the chances of this sort of defence succeeding would be extremely low. But can you risk letting jurors and particularly the defendants become familiar with the ins and outs of the targeting process? Probably not.

    Better to erect signs stating that legitimat protest outside the wire is welcome, but that all intruders will be met with lethal force. May take a few 'martyrs' of a certain age and hairstyle, but the message will get home eventually...
  3. Pity the yanks didn't put them on one of those rendition flights .Good thing they didn't succeed .A fully loaded b52 falling out of the sky would be
    a disaster .
  4. They cut their way through a perimeter fence, but are then cleared of criminal damage?
  5. I saw this on Rum Ration - I agree with the sentiment that the Yanks (as it was a US base and therefore US soil and assets) should have shipped them to Gitmo!
  6. Juries have been very reluctant to convict in such cases fro many years, it would seem that many think such acts are legitimate protest.

  7. And if said plane had crashed killing unfortunate septics the charge would been...............? Can anyone tell me the price of 2 x 5.56 and 2 x sanbags
  8. If these two were muslim they'd be in all manner of sh|t. So why have they got off? Doesn't say much for the jury system.
  9. Quote from the BBC: "they believed the planes were being prepared to bomb Iraq indiscriminately with uranium and scatter bombs".

    I agree with Archimedes. If this is what they really believed, I suppose they could have been acquitted on grounds of insanity.

    Or is this an ignorant BBC researcher's take on what they actually said in court?
  10. yes indeed and while jury's might not like that the fence cutting is 'Just'! Considered part of legitimate peace protest. There clearly not using the law of criminal damage in it right context?

    With all the laws that have been brought in by Liabour and the CPS cannot find one that shows the difference between leigitimate protest and one that is clearly criminal stupid and dangerous. :x :

    edited for spelling and diction
  11. ... it would seem that breaking and entering into restricted military premises, and damaging expensive military equipment is now seen as legitimate protest, but wearing a B0llocks to Bliar T-shirt is an offence :frustrated:

    dieted fro snellpig!
  12. They were bloody lucky not to have been shot, and it would have been really nice if a B-52 went down loaded for a jolly over some town.
  13. What will it take for a jury to actually decide to convict muppets like these two "peace" protestors ?
  14. I listened to one of these two muppets this morning on the Today Programme. The peacenik fcukwit referred to his fear that those nasty bombers were going to drop "uranium dust" and "cluster bombs"all over the peace loving nation of Iraq. Please correct me if I'm wrong (as if I need to ask on ARRSE), but I was under the impression that B52 bomb loads usually consist of iron bombs or cruise missiles? Cluster bombs tend to be dropped by fast attack jets, whilst Depleted Uranium dust is caused by fragmentation of either tank main armament or A10 cannon projectiles. If so, surely these two cnuts should be dragged back into court for being liars.

    Or maybe they're courageous activists who are trying to publicise the fiendish Amerikan's ultra hush hush mission in 2003 when they strapped two M1 Abrams under the wings of each B52 whilst the bomb bays were filled to brim with cluster bomblets in the shape of Osama Bin Laden action figures and dropped the load over Baghdad, at the same time giving it plenty of Main Armament from the panzers...
  15. The B-52 does use CBUs - IIRC, in the form of the WCMD (Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser), which is the CBU-105 (I think).

    These are CBUs designed to be more accurate than your father's RB755 with the ability to take wind conditions, etc into account when navigating themselves to the target.

    Thing is, the B-52s tend to drop them on real area targets liked the massed ranks of the SRG or Republican Guard rather than using them in the urban battle, for which they drop JDAM or PWII (only a proportion were fitted for the latter during TELIC.

    As for the Uranium Dust, this is presumably a militarised version of the fairy dust the two clowns have been on for some time.