Peace loving religion belives in free speech

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedy, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. typical ******* ********* who use religion as a means (or reason) to persecute others whilst not being able to hear a word against their religion

    "we can slag of your corrupt western ways, but you can slag off our centuries out of date religion which has nothing to do with the modern world"

    Dont get me wrong, i have no problem with people believing or celebrating any religion but when they come to my country and preach about it being the ONLY religion and that we as non belivers are BAD, then i really cant be arsed and would love to kick them in the c*nt.

    at least the dutchguy was trying to highlight some of the problems that women face when Islam is concerned and not preaching hatered. But no, this is not good enough!! NO ONE can question our faith (as that would mean that they would have to re-examine thier faith, something the world of Islam is nto very good at.)

    PS Not a bash at muslims, just a bash at the bad elements that use islam as a means to an end (And yes i know, IRA, Ian Paisley. We all have them)

    agent smith
  2. Islam in its fundamental belief does not allow its followers to question it.

    We had this problem some 500 years ago and look what that did to us. It stiffled scientific discoveries, it degraded woman as second class citizens and if you dared criticise the Pope then you were a heritic and burned.

    Islam for its own sake, must allow discussion of the writings of their prophet, much the same as our clergy discuss the bible and other religious writings. If it cannot drag itself out of this dark-age mentality then it will cause itself to implode. And before peoople go on saying it is the fastest growing religion, yes it is but purely by a population boom from within its own followers. However as more of these come into contact with Western decadent ways, then they will begin to question their Imams. And not before time too.
  3. Well the Pope was a heretic himself since... oh about 1054. Did he burn himself... autocombustion :)
  4. Ask Ian Paisley about the Pope :twisted:
  5. Yeah and Dr Rev I Paisley MP MEP as a proddy dog is a double heretic.

    Burn baby Burn :D