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Significant Increase in Terrorist Activity in the Gaza Strip

Wednesday 27/04/2005 08:36

The Ammunition that were Found on 20/04/05 in the Checkpoint Exiting Nablus. Photo: IDF Spokesperson

Terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip continues despite the ceasefire, and specifically, in the last few weeks, there has been a significant increase in terrorist attacks against Israeli communities and civilians inside and outside the Gaza Strip. This increase constitutes a blatant contravention of the ceasefire agreement.

In the last three weeks, Palestinian terrorists have fired 3 Qassam rockets, 6 mortar shells and an anti-tank missile, 10 explosive devices have been uncovered and detonated, and fire was opened at Israeli communities and IDF forces in over 30 different incidents.

As a result of these attacks an Israeli civilian was lightly wounded, an IDF non-commissioned officer and IDF soldier were moderately wounded and a third IDF soldier was lightly wounded.

In addition, 8 attempted infiltrations into Israel were thwarted, involving 25 Palestinians who were taken for questioning.

Significant attacks:

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005-
Palestinian terrorists fired two Qassam rockets at Israeli communities in the Western Negev, in two separate attacks, from Beit Hanun in the Northern Gaza Strip. In both cases the rockets landed in open territory. A third Qassam rocket was fired at an Israeli community north of the Gaza Strip at the beginning of the week. In all three cases no injuries or damage were reported.
Thursday, April 21st, 2005-
An IDF soldier was moderately wounded when Palestinians detonated an explosive device near an IDF vehicle that was patrolling near the security fence surrounding the Gaza Strip, in the Northern Gaza Strip.
Monday, April 18th, 2005-
A non-commissioned officer was moderately wounded and an Israeli civilian was lightly wounded after Palestinian gunmen opened fire at them, while infrastructural work was being carried out near an IDF post on the Israeli Egyptian border, near Rafah.
Sunday, April 17th, 2005-
An IDF soldier was lightly wounded when Palestinian gunmen opened fire at an IDF post near the Israeli community of Gadid in the Southern Gaza Strip.
and whilst we're on the subject; what has happened to the requests for information page? It was on this page you were able to monitor opwen source reported terrorist activity. Suddenly there is no site! Where are the petrol bombings we know? Friend of mine is PSNI(RUC)...............lack of interest or lack of integrity in journalism?

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