Peace body role for ex-IRA prisoner

An ex-IRA prisoner who worked as a republican mole inside the Housing Executive, and once tried to kill an RUC officer, has been appointed to the Community Relations Council.

Rosaleen McCorley will sit on the CRC alongside ex-Colonel Mark Campbell, who was until recently the most senior officer in the Royal Irish Regiment home battalions. Mr Campbell last night declined to comment on Ms McCorley's appointment. But DUP MLA and CRC member Nelson McCausland said her addition to the body would be of concern, in a community relations context, if Ms McCorley had not repented for her crimes. "She has served her prison sentence," he said. "But two questions remains. "Has she expressed and demonstrated real remorse for her terrorist activities? "And has she embraced the vision of a shared future for Northern Ireland? "I await the answers to these questions."

Ms McCorley was an IRA insider in the Housing Executive for 16 years. Her republican terrorist activities were revealed in court when she was convicted of possession of explosives and the attempted murder of an RUC officer in 1991. She received 22 years for putting a bomb under the RUC man's car and was in charge of the female IRA wing in Maghaberry for the nine years she served. The CRC was established as a registered charity in 1990 to "lead and support change in Northern Ireland towards reconciliation, tolerance and mutual trust".

It receives funding from the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, the EU Peace Programme and the International Fund for Ireland. Last year it supported almost 900 community relations and victim support projects. The CRC announced the names of 10 new members who will be joining the existing members of its board.

Six of the 10 will join immediately and the remaining four (marked*) will join next April when most of its existing members retire. Among those appointed were: Rosaleen McCorley* and Mark Campbell. James Deery, a community development worker with the Ashton Community Trust in North Belfast; Stephen Farry, Alliance Party MLA for North Down; Hazel Francey, a senior official of Belfast City Council where she is the good relations manager; Tony Kennedy, chief executive of Co-operation Ireland; Eamonn Oakes, a former chairman of the Northern Ireland Committee of ICTU and currently project manager for City Bridges which trains senior trade union representatives on peace and reconciliation and *David Porter, director of the Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Ireland.

Another Job for yet another IRA Terrorist!
TangoZeroAlpha said:
Ms McCorley ...was in charge of the female IRA wing in Maghaberry for the nine years she served...
No she wasn't. She was a prisoner in said prison. This type of lazy reporting merely reinforces the erroneous and romantic viewof IRA prisoners as "political prisoners" or "prisoners of conscience". FFS,next they'll be playing Provvie Birdie in the departure lounge at Aldergrove!

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