Pea Green Denims

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by diehard57, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Anyone remember getting issued these in the early 70's - like the old denims (not Trousers LW) but in a strange bluey-greeny colour - hence the name we gave them - what were they all about? Did anyone have the old denim jacket in the same colour to go with them?
  2. No, but I reckon that it's the 68 pattern stuff you're on about, the stage between battle dress & combats?
  3. No, these weren't the old green combat suits, these were denim suits issued as working/fatigue dress. The normal issue was the usual army olive green but these pitched up about 1970-71 and were such an un-military colour being a sort of torquoise. There was a rumour that they were a Canadian pattern but I don't know. My mate who was in 3 Queens remembers getting issued a pair of the trousers before an NI tour. There must be some old more old soldiers out there who remember them.
  4. Were they not OG's?
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    general melchett probably remembers them!
  6. We got issued denim jackets but ours were the OG type of green and that was in 73,but I do seem to remember seeing some funny coloured one's in the OG style,or it might be my imagination it has been a long time
  7. Can't recall that particular shade of issue denim or o.g. longs though I do remember guys in FARELF in the mid 1960s cutting around in Malaysian army kit (until the RSM pointed out the error of their ways) which was an awful pea green.
  8. Think your referring to J/G's brilliant, when wet they used to dry in minutes
  9. Nope - we were issued these when we went to BATUS with the cross over belts along with the old Aertex shirts.

    These were definately normal denims - slightly baggy - button fly - but in a strange colour.

    Come on chaps - there must be somewhere out there who was issued a pair! :frustrated:
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator


    In fact I don't remember them but I do have an example of such a jacket in the collection. Very simple made fatigue type jacket with two pockets on the skirt. Looking at the label British issue and made with NSN. Not got the trousers though. IIRC the label names it as "Overalls". If I can be arrsed I'll try and dig it out and take a picture.

    Unless you mean the OG trousers with cross over belt affair thingy.
  11. I think I know the ones's he means they were very distinctive and they were not the OG's with the crossover belt,I had these in Colly and remember them well,you had to take the metal buckles out when you sent them to be dobied,the pea green ones were baggy and similar in colour to the background colour on the FLECKTARN.CO.UK advert at the head of the first page of this post IIRC
  12. That's the recognition feature. They were the replacement for the battledress-style denims and they came out in the early sixties. I remember we were all very excited when some arrived for the school CCF. Then we looked a bit closer. We wore the trousers, even though they did not have a map pocket, and binned the jackets.
  13. we were issued the jacket in basic training in the 8o's, commonly known as a "beasting" jacket, dont know about the trousers though.
  14. I had a pair, in fact, I even think I have a pic of me wearing them, seasick green I seem to remember, bloody awful colour, and I didnt have them long
    Ill do a recce in the attic for that pic...

  15. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Yes, that's the badgers.