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I’ve got a fairly basic question about leave during pre-deployment training. I’m due to start training in October and train until roughly April before deploying. Unfortunately I’ve already agreed to go to a couple of weddings in Australia in late Mar / early Feb and the long-haired sergeant-major will get upset if I miss them.

Is leave during PDT strictly rationed and allocated per unit, or is there any chance of getting away when it’s useful for me? I appreciate that’s not really the Army way but it would make life somewhat easier.

Any pre-deployment leave you get as a mobilised reservist will be the same as the regular soldiers in the unit you are embodied with for the tour. PDT is by no means guaranteed and may depend on how well the pre-deployment training has gone. Whether you get it, and for how long, will probably be determined at unit or even brigade level. It will probably be set dates taken en masse, rather than individual leave, and will probably be immediately prior to deployment. You'll not normally get more than a week to ten days.

As you'll be working the same hours as the regulars during pre-deployment training, you should get most of your weekends off, though clearly a weekend trip to Oz is not really feasible.

Basically, you might get lucky and find that you get some PDT that happens to co-incide with the weddings, but it would be unwise to rely on it until the unit you're deploying with confirms nearer the time.

Best advice is to discuss this with your chain of command in your parent unit. They should be able to liaise with the unit you are deploying with and get any dates that are already programmed in for PDT. If pre-deployment training doesn't start until the autumn, they may only be 'pencilled in' at this stage, but they may be able to advise you of a 'decision point' at which the dates will be confirmed. It would be unwise to book tickets etc until the dates have been confirmed, and even then, you should make sure you are well insured in case the situation changes last minute.

As for the long-haired sergeant major, I can't really offer much, but good luck!
Tim I agree with basha. However if you are not deploying until April, Herrick 12 I take it, then you'll probably find that any training up until Xmas will be unit level training and therefore so long as you have done, or can do, your OPTAG and mandatory skills package, there could be scope for a bit of time juggling with your CoC. The Bde MRX and CALFEX etc should not be until after the New Year and they are pretty much 100% attendance across the board.
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