PDRs Anyone?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by The_RTR_Star, Nov 10, 2004.

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  1. Hey y'all

    What has happened to the PDR?

    Recruits are still arriving at my unit with PDRs in tow (keeping doors open / providing extra seating in their sh1t accomodation), but nobody at Phase 2 has told them anything about it.

    Of course, you could all rightly argue that this has always been the case with PDR, but since this thing has been out for nigh-on 5 years, one would have liked to see some form development and further direction on the matter.

    Does anybody out there know of a point of contact or a website to access to find out if there have been any amendments since August 01, as the webpage noted on the User Guide no longer seems to be functioning.

    Compared to many of the other topics on this forum, this may well be somewhat trivial, but I think PDR can be of some use, even to some of the older and bolder amongst us.
  2. Yep, mine raises my monitor to just the right height :lol:
  3. I used to keep my porn in mine :lol:
  4. Must admit, I have actually used mine and kept it updated. Got all my course certs, CRs and all sorts in it. I only use it as a personal aid though.

    Its original intent, as far as I belive, was for line managers to read it and check through it at certain times to gain info and try to structure their careers better. This is evident by the amount of self aprasial forms contained within.

    Too time consuming though to use it like that.