PDR Disc doesnt work with vista???

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by fusdavetucker, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. Its that time of year again, ECI and TECHEVAL so the boss man wants all our PDRs in and up to date. I've only got about four years to fill out as I've been a lazy cnut recently but imagine my horror when I put the CD-ROM in and it doesnt work with vista properly.

    Any computer freaks out there shed any light on it?
  2. MSR will have the answer
  3. I'm not sure what version of PDR you are on now, but when I got mine, back in the day, there was a sentence that said something along the lines of; the soldier is encouraged to keep this folder up to date but it is up to them how much effort they put into it.
    I just highlighted that sentence and handed it back in. :)
    I was then told by an officer that PDRs were really useful in civvy street. (How did he know? School, college, Uni then Sandhurst and looked about 12!) :)
    When I asked CTP and various civvy employers if I should fill one in I was told not to bother, just keep an up to date generic CV whilst serving and they will pick the info they want.

    If you are going to complete one and it's not working on Vista - speak to your Geek/IT section at work to make it work or see if they can get the info of the Intranet and print the sheet out for you. (By the way - my old PDR CD Rom didn't work on old windows either.)
  4. PDR/Red book. As useless as a nuns cnut in getting a job in civvy strasse.

    Don't waste your time.
  5. Agree with the PDR but the Red Book has saved me a few hours of interviews and got me some early starts by missing out crap induction courses.

    Missed about 2 months in the recruitment process for a job with BT - Was asked for loads of references, CV, records check, warned off for several induction and Health ans Safety courses, When I asked if my Red Book would do for a reference they asked what it was, I explained it was a statement of service when you leave the Army they asked me if I could start on Monday and stick a copy of the Red Book in the post to them - snorted!
  6. My PDR's still in the cellophane it was wrapped in when the Army wasted about forty five pence issuing it to me.

    I didn't know anyone actually used them, what's inside the crappy looking black box?
  7. Heretic! BURN HIM!!!

    But I have been told this by many people, military and civilian. Even many of the Resettlement people think that the whole PDR thing was/is a waste of time and money.

    How much did the Army spend on these things, and how many were thrown in the back of a locker never to be seen again? I know mine still has it's cellophane wrapper on it.
  8. Not a lot.
  9. The 1st job perhaps useful as a reference, but that's about it.
  10. I really, really can't believe the MoD would spend any of the Defence Budget on IT/software that wasn't fit for purpose or faulty. I mean, come on, what would the Investing in People monitors say about e-PDRs not working?

    ...........beg your pardon? No-one gives a f*ck? No, that can't be right, can it? :cry:
  11. Wasn't a first job - I just phoned on the off chance whilst waiting to go into a disciplinary hearing - Got the job so told my boss to shove his up his hoop sideways :)
  12. Good to see you've not changed ;)