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Has anyone here used both Adobe Acrobat Pro and Foxit Phantom?

I think Foxit Phantom might meet what I'm looking for and it's a lot cheaper than Adobe. That said I'd like to know how secure their pdf files are compared with Acrobat Pro.

OK a litttle background. (might help with msr's question).

I have been doing research into a regiment for quite some time now. I have always intended to put the results into the public domain by some means.

I have been considering encrypted, locked pdfs set to read only with no printing enabled on a web site with hidden code, no cache enabled and no right click options. All this stuff is early days since I'm not particularly familiar with the tech.

Edited to add. I need to make all this as hard as possible to copy and redistribute if I use the net or DVDs since it's cost me a small fortune finding all the information. Also I put a small error onto a wiki page and it went round the world as gospel in no time and with no one citing the source of their information.

This is a free writer which has worked fine for me

You may be better off just distributing a chapter or page of your document for free then emailing them a password protected version with a heavy legal warning on redistribution,

what you're suggesting will probably only prevent copying for the casual computer user, anyone fairly determined will be able to do what they want with it
Short answer: you can't.

Longer answer: If your research is properly referenced and authoritative then there is no point trying to 'protect' it. If people are too lazy to check their sources, then that is their problem, not yours. Technology is not the solution here.

msr said:
Short answer: you can't.

Longer answer: If your research is properly referenced and authoritative then there is no point trying to 'protect' it. If people are too lazy to check their sources, then that is their problem, not yours. Technology is not the solution here.

So there is no way of making it sufficiently difficult for the file content to be kept safe from all but the most determined thief?
It would seem you have two choices, either give a chapter for free & post the purchaser a printed copy (same as Amazon)


Email paid up customers the full product

Even this is not full proof as a version of Devil's Guard & some other novels have been scanned in & made available freely on the Internet, after being scanned in i think using adobe fine print, from their paperback versions.
I'm not quite sure what you are trying to achieve but as MSR and others have eluded there is no such thing as a "secure" pdf which will serve to protect your intellectual property, that's why we have copyright. PDF's can be cracked, screen data can be captured and duplicated or viewers can simply re-type/ copy the information. What you can do easily is make it not worth the effort and for work I use Adobe Pro which as you would expect for the price is excellent.

Even when you've tried every conceivable method of protecting your hard work be aware of fair use, anybody can quote your work including surprisingly vast quotes providing they reference it correctly and credit the author. Somethings cannot be legitimately copyrighted because they are facts, they exist and can be written about freely; only your approach, ideas or method of expression can be protected by copyright, by putting those in such a public domain as the net you are leaving yourself wide open - how could you ever hope to catch and threaten or even prosecute everyone who "borrows" your ideas if you don't know they've done it or if their government don't bother to recognise the idea of international copyright

Copyright is a great idea and we copyright everything in my line of work but in this modern age very few prosecutions fall out of its infringement, pursuing someone for breach of copyright is expensive and tricky so the ends would have to justify the means. If a No1 bestseller appears on the Times list and I wrote it, or if someone was obviously making a good profit from my work I might pursue the infringement, if a bunch of geeks borrowed stuff and reproduce it on a website I might ask them to remove it or else, in the hope they didn't follow up on the "or else"

In answer to your question I'd go for Adobe Pro for several reasons, it's as good as it gets including security so should you ever find yourself trying to convince a judge that you made every effort to protect your IP he might agree, but also because you have the option of presenting your work in portfolios with nice animated presentation and the software used to read it is free and universally available (Adobe Reader 9)
OK. In the past I have come across CDs (in Uni libraries) whereby the data read does not stay cached on the local machine, it cannot be printed or copied in anyway. At the least using their kit it couldn't be.

At the very least this is what I would like to do since the information I have is not available through any other source since the documents etc. have been signed over to me for publication purposes. Right now I have more information of a documentary nature than every UK museum combined.

I intend to cover costs with any revenue above such going to the ABF although I'll be surprised if the project breaks even. So data theft and failure to cite by users is a major issue.

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