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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by halomonkey, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know how to change a PDF file to a Word file or if is there a way to print of a single page from a PDF file without getting the hundred other pages. I have a PDF file of 274 pages and only need to print about 4 of them off but when I try it's all or nothing. All help appreciated.
  2. Just copy and paste it to word.
  3. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    To print individual pages is useually pretty straightforward. If you select file and print rather than clicking the print icon it will open a dialog box up and there should be a section where you can specify which pages or just current page for example
  4. PDF to word, depends on version of word/pdf. You should be able to select pages in a pdf to print.
  5. Not being snarky here; have you tried the obvious file>print then in the screen that pops up you can select Print Range - Pages from xxx to xxx ?
  6. You have tried File/Print/Print Range and then choosing All, Current View, Current Page or Pages [pick a number] ?
  7. Bovvy tried that, it doesn't work.
    Jinxy it's Word 2007 and Adobe Acrobat 7.
    Meridian thanks will give that a shot. Got to admit was just selecting the print icon.
  8. First of all, if you have a pdf reader (free) then good. I hope you can do this but here goes:

    Click on File and then Save As, this will give you option in what format to save in.

    I see meridian has given you the print option so follow that.

  9. Some acrobat files are scrambled to avoid them being copied and pasted.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    1) You badly need to update to Acrobat 9 and disable Javascript (Edit - Preferences -> Javascript)

    2) This will convert for free online: http:/www.zamzar.com

    3) These guys have written the best program I have found to do the job: http://www.pixelplanet.de

    4) To print a range in a pdf file, click on Print... then select Options and put in the range you want to print. It is a function of the printer driver, not the pdf software.

    I have this software, so if it is a one off, PM me and I will convert it for you.

  11. Bovvy, that doesn't work. It just makes everything into mumbo jumbo (bit like running reports on JPA before you translate them into Excel). If anyone does have a solution for changing pdf into Word or Excel will they please let me know as well? It would make my life so much easier.

    Halomonkey, like the others said, don't click the "Print" Icon, Go to File, Print, then select the pages you want.

    That's £25 for on-line assistance :D

    (Edit: That's why Snails are slow!)
  12. msr

    msr LE

    This software will convert ot Word or Excel: http://www.pixelplanet.de

    That's £25 for the solution :)
  13. Ah, but does it work on DII(F) my dear?
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Zamzar will if you have an IGS account
  15. Sluggy,

    Why do I get the impression that you're going to scan a blank Lotto slip, convert it to PDF, convert it to Word, complete it, then e-mail it to Camelot, together with a jpeg of a tenner?