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I have a disk with pdf format pictures on it , I would like to be able to cut out pictures ( one of four on each page ) and tidy it up a bit . Is this possible with freeware or open source programme at all.

The images are great you can zoom up to 400x without loosing definition but they have all turned brown, al la 1970's developing. cheers troops .
If you're happy with the resolution seen on your screen...

Open the pdf file, "edit", "take a snapshot".

Frame the area you want by dragging the cursor from one corner to the other. When you release the mouse button, the area will be copied.

Paste it into Paint or some (not all) photo editing software and you have a *.jpg

It's not worth enlarging it any further using this method as it will merely pixellate.


It's not worth enlarging the *.jpg, but essential that you enlarge the *.pdf so that the image fills the screen.


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Tremaine : it only worked mate !! Many thanks both of you for the assistance .
GIMP will do it for you.
Or you can use the Windows 7 'Snipping Tool'.

Highlight whatever it is you want, and then save a a .jpg.

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