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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by WhiteHorse, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Ok all, before you start with "Map and compass" I'm after some kit for Mrs WH as whilst I'm away she will need to navigate to and from Europe on her own with 3 kids in tow.
    Does anyone know which models to go for, I think she would like a PDA type multi function device but a stand alone Sat Nav I feel would be more suitable.

  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Check the Tomtom range - even women can work them :D
  3. Tom Tom is great, works straight out of the box and even my good lady can work it!

    I got the 710 rather than the 910 as i think you sacrifice some performance for very little gain in the 910. And you save cash!
  4. Well if you want one thats a mobile as well try the O2 Xda Orbit.

    I have one and its a cracking bit of kit.

    Check it out HERE.

    I wish I had waited 2 months though as I could have upgraded to the Nokia N95. The dog's bollocks.
  5. TomTom 910 is excellent. Dead easy to use, with clear directions. It's never got me lost, stuck or upto my wheel arches in water yet...

    Don't bother with a PDA with SatNav add on, they are generally pants. I got a Dell Axim X50 with the GPS/SatNav add on, and it's a load of horsepoo. The PDA is OK on it's own though.
  6. TomTom is about as good as they get, unless you pay daft prices.

    Very impressive indeed.
  7. I bought Jim Junior a Tom Tom (European model, sorry don't know the number) when he was in Germany and he said it worked a treat.

    And I agree about the Dell Axim - a great little piece of kit, especially with the remote keyboard.
  8. Agree. I had a Compaq and added on Satnav and it was pants. A PDA is a PDA!

    Tom-Tom is excellent but last Xmas I bought a cheap Navman from Halfords soley because everytime I went to Ireland I got lost in Dublin. This little box of tricks knocked well over an hour from my journey time! Halfords always has a promotion on too (free fitting or maps, etc).


    I bought the F series.

    I understand some of the FTP sites have maps 'to download for free' in case you buy a Satnav with UK maps only.
  9. Thanks for that, I've had a look at the Navman F20 (Euro) and the Tomtom but theTomtoms seem more costly and the Euro maps cost even more.
  10. I use street pilot c150 from Garmin. Entry level touch screen. Its been working fine so far.
  11. I have used an MDA compact II from T-Mobile for the past 18 months,
    its been fantastic, never missed a beat and does everything asked of it.

    Great as a PDA, suprisingly good as a GPS for navigation and route planning etc.

    As a phone its ok, better than my last Nokia, uses memory cards that aren't a fortune. For texting its a breaze once you get used to it.

    I am ordering the MDA compact III next month for defo.
  12. Buy one that come with car, Well thats a good eough excuse to buy a new motor. Toyota is very good.
  13. I am very pleased with my Navman PiN570, which since I got an external antenna has never put a foot wrong. It is a tip-top PDA and I actually now prefer it to my much loved Palmpilot. If it was a phone as well then I might marry it but for now as a PDA/GPS it does me very well - especially with the free download of RiskTM!
  14. I would agree that the PIN 570 is good, but mainly because you can use it for other things, Ialso use it for hillwalking and marine navigation with other software and charts/maps something you can't do with the likes of a Tom Tom. If the use is just for car navigation then a dedicated system is likely to d better, and if you want a PDA buy one to use as a PDA. The down side of the PIN570 is the battery life away from a supply of 12v, OK in the car and boat, not so hot on the hill.