PDA - Geek Alert!

I know that this posting this is going to result in endless derision but here goes….

I have recently acquired a Palm PDA thing - apart from using it as a beer mat I wondered if it had any real use. I seem to remember seeing geeky punters "pulling off" (their phrase, not mine) all kinds of useful things like flight planning data, airfield info and nav aids. Do any of you know where the technically challenged (me) would get hold of such labour saving programs? Clearly being tight as well as lazy I would prefer free gizzits!

Thanks for all of your 'helpful' and 'constructive' banter, I mean advice.

Flash heart - Strangely enough it was you that I was thinking of "pulling off" data. Wait...that came out wrong!
1. Get a 1gig or 2 gig SD card, a card reader for your pc and lots of MP3 music, Real Player is loaded on already but transfer the MP3s onto Your card using the card reader - RealOne is crap.

2. If You haven't been to Download.com yet - don't. It's an easy way of picking up malware. I use http://downloadsnew.pcpro.co.uk/Shopper/PDA/Palm/

You might have to register but You get some good, well reviewed software there.

3. Have a look Here - a GPS system that allows You to go cross country rather than just on roads.
Are you sure you can manage a PDA Ground Hog??

You'll be concentrating so hard on the sticks over the next couple of months you won't have time to sweat let alone look at a PDA!!

Yes, I am jealous. Give me a call when you're back in Blighty and down in the Wallop.
Thanks for the tips - I will attempt to navigate cyberspace forthwith!

JL - as you know I was never that T.O.T.S so I imagine my visit to the "school of excellence" could be emotional..... MTF

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