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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Roger_Ramjet, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know what goes on up at SOinC HQ these days? Yet again they have changed the promotion rules. For promotion to WO2 it used to be 12 months substansive SSgt and 13 years service. They then changed that last year to 24 months substansive and kept it at 13 years. Fine I thought, an extra year can't do anyone any harm.

    Now they have changed it to a minimum of 16 years service on first day of promotion year. What the f*ck!! That's another year to wait before I am even eligble. Not saying I would have come off board anyway (probably not) but it would be nice to even have a sniff.

    This new update will no doubt mess around loads of quality blokes who deserve to be promoted but haven't done the required time. What exactly are they trying to acheive with this? What happened to "if you're good enough, you're old enough." Are they trying to turn us into the RAF?

    Please now can someone explain the benefits of taking the supervisory route? One of the main draws was improved promotion prospects. Not so now. I can see it now, "yes son you are an excellent Foreman/Yeoman, however, we had to promote that useless cnut ahead of you because has has served longer".

    Sorry for the rant, but this just seems plain ridiculous to me.
  2. I understand your frustration fella, maybe they are trying to even out the promotion ladder to account for future VEng soldiers :? . So yes a bit like the RAF I suppose.

    Good enough, old enough, never heard that one....merit tempered with experience maybe.

    Anyways, enjoy your current rank and remember cream always rises to the top.
  3. I can understand your rant. I can only give speculation to my opinion why they are doing this.

    1. From what I have been party too. An average of 270 SSgts go to the board for approx 20/30 jobs. I suppose this will make it easier to filter as their will be less eligble on the board.

    2. With TA units closing down less posts are available at SSgt and WO2

    3. I would hazard a guess here and say that their are more cost cutting options ahead (speculation) They might call it streamlining you never know! It is sad to say unfortunately, that most of the R Signals SSgts and WO2's aren't really employed in trade related work and as such those jobs will have to be justified in future.

    4. Be assured your are not the only one that will be p1ssed off.
  4. That is pretty poo, especially since they only changed the rules recently for SSgts. Looks like I will be marking time for 3 years before I even get a look at my next board. I guess this is the result of VEng.
  5. No shock really, another atrocious policy that screws over supervisors. It's in line with the one that makes Sgt (FofS) then promotes to SSgt (FofS) for the sake of a few quid.

    Nice to see there wasn't a briefing note explaining the reasons behind any changes.

    Finally what a brilliant way to reward quality blokes for working hard, getting on the relevent course early...mark time for 6 years.

    I should have been a Telemech!!!

    P.S. where is the Corps going to magic up the W02's it requires?
  6. Promotion is going to slow down for all Ranks apparently. This is due to the Army only being 2000ish off full manning and cost cutting.

    Heard it of the CGS briefing team a month or two ago.
  7. I guess all of the WO2's who now have to wait until their 17 year point to get a chance of picking up their WO1 !

    Bit of a bummer for the YofS/FofS SSgt's who are going to have to do bone jobs for a few postings before even getting a look at the WO2 board. Although you could argue that it will make them better WO2's having more experience at SSgt and having done a few units.
  8. Royal Signals have had age limits on ranks for a while.

    I know at least one WO2 who hasn't collected his LSGC yet (and, Yes, he is due it) so how does this work?
  9. What this doesn't do is support any high flighers on either the RD or Supvr rosters.
    I can't speak for the RD chaps but I can't see those that you know are going to make it being too chipper.
    As for Supvrs, 2 quid a day pay rise after the cse, max 3 year time bar, homeland security budget going through the roof, 3 postings worth of exposure to civilian companies....who's going to hang round???
  11. I must say it does seem strange that you need to do a minimum of 10 years for SSgt, 16 years for WO2, but then only 17 for WO1. It looks a teeny bit like an error.

    I see all the supervisory PDs have now been re-written as well. All 4 have now got the same rank criteria - sub Cpl, recommended for Sgt and above the quality line on the most recent Cpl-Sgt board. Other stuff in there about medical status, CLM and so on.

    If you can get on DII or something, they are all at http://www.hqsoinc.dii.r.mil.uk/policy/pd/pdindex.html
  12. I seem to remember the previous installment stating 15 yrs in the main body followed by 13 in one of the annexes for SSgt - WO2. I won't bother crossing my fingers in hope.
  13. WTF!

    I was pissed off enough at the minimum of 13 years service completed by the start of the promotion year (which means year 14 for most of us as the courses conveniently finish just after the start of the year)!

    I raised my concerns with my Sqn/Regt and was advised they'd write a letter requesting dispensation etc so I thought 'OK, I'll wait and see' (therefore missing the point at which I could sign off and get out at my 12 year point). From what I'm reading now, I'm royally f**cked!

    I did an acting Supvr IS job before my course, I'm now in my second posting since completing my FofS IS course and have the prospect of at least 5 more years before I can look at promotion!

    Surely this constitutes changing our terms of service without consultation or some such legalese?

    They can't even really use the 'it's to even things out with VEng coming into effect' now that they've [temporarily] wiithdrawn the option of VEng for all of us!

    Time to consider some of those lucrative contract jobs methinks, or maybe transfer to the boys in blue as a Technical Officer!
  14. Up up and away! If you transfer to the boys in blue you effectively become a DE Officer. In some ways it might be better for you than marking time for nearly a decade hoping for an LE commission. Look at the 9 or 10 TOT (IS) Capts out there and there doesn't appear to be anything appoaching a career path - there's a Tp Comd, an Ops Offr, an Asst Ops Offr, a Trg Offr, a DE&S job, an SO3 in Germany, a dodgy one at Hereford and a buckshee one floating around on ops. Extremely random and I'm not sure if Campaign Sig Regts or DII/FD MSPGHs will change that any time soon. You have nothing to lose by trying, except for becoming a little bit gay obviously. You would eventually end up with a larger pension, an in-service masters degree, a penchant for flying suits and a pathological resentment of pilots.

    Back to business, I'm still not quite sure how there can only be a single year between the minimum years of service requirements for WO2 and for WO1, given the huge gulf between SSgt and WO2. Illogical Captain.
  15. PD, even that's now a pipe dream!

    Popped into work this morning to get PD6 and it makes for quite depressing reading, especially for someone who joined 'late' like moi!

    The WO2 window starts at 16 years completed service (by which time I'll be 44!), you can get promoted 12 months early provided you get an A+ Exceptional SJAR with a letter of recommendation from your CO, or you can get dispensation direct from SO1 R Sigs Soldiers Wing (which I think would require the some credentials as the 12 months early option?).

    The WO1 window opens at 17 years completed service, but if you're over 42 you need dispensation from SO1 R Sigs Soldiers Wing to even board.

    If you go the LE route after the age of 43 (I think my maths is right?) you can only get a SSC and will not be eligible for any promotion past Capt as you need to be able to complete X amount of years service as a Major before you're 50 (I think).

    So, as it stands, I'll need dispensation to reach WO2 before 2015, dispensation to attain WO1 at all, dispensation to commission and then I'll only get 6 years (or I could go for another dispensation!). That's a lot of if's, but's and maybes!

    Add all this to the Manning Levers which have just been announced and things do not bode well for anyone who achieved early promotion (time served wise) in any roster, and certainly puts the nail in the coffin for anyone who joined 'late'.

    And all because they've introduced VEng which has been temporarily withdrawn!

    Now, where's my soap box, CV and that lawyer's number ;)