PD 1 - Soldier Promotions

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Next_to_the_Tank, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. The latest version of the Policy Document on Soldier Promotions is being promulgated through the CoC now. It is also available on-line through the Corps Intranet.

    Well worth a read so that you understand the criterion for promotion before you club to death the OC or defect East (what happened to that chap?) etc when the results come out and you haven't made Maj Gen. :thumright:
  2. Has someone sent CR a copy? ;)
  3. Thanks for that!
  4. why would i need one? :)
  5. Another nail in the coffin?
  6. Good practice at searching the small print for your name. :D
  7. it's only for people with a vague possibility of getting promoted. hence why i won't even read it :)
  8. Does this apply to just the regs or do the TA now have a policy ? If not I guess its back to the traditional methods of voodoo and buying the right people drinks at the bar. Mind you, I don't seem to have worked out who they are yet given my promotion record.
  9. doesn't it go on how many weekends you turn up (and what cereal you buy)?
  10. Regulars - although obviously basic policy will remain the same the specific criterion will vary because of the nature of TA service. You should speak to your PSAO to get the details.
  11. Just had a look for this document on the intranet site that I have a link to and it's the Edition 5 thats on there dated Aug 06. This the latest one?
  12. Does it mention Pairs Fire and Manoever with live rounds?

    ...to steal from another thread ...

  13. No. It says that to get promoted you have to tell everyone you're downgraded then when someone eventually finds your chit, in actual fact you had tonsillitis when you were in Basic and have hung on to it because you're a fat useless cnut and are too lazy to actually go on a course even slightly more physically arduous than basic numeracy and literacy.

    Or am I just being cynical? :|
  14. Oooh, hark at her!
  15. I think Davros has met too many fat tw@ts walking around chickers......plus he does sound a teensy weensy bit cynical