Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wildcard.rgbw, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. I think PCSO's are a waste of tax payers money, good idea, but to many of them, would it not work to just take the ones who are most suited to the role of a PC and give them additional training, say, 60% of them, and keep them in the community policing role albeit with the PC's powers and training?

    Look at the cost difference between the salary of a PC and a PCSO,

    PC on starting service £21,534

    PCSO £16,000

    Do bear in mind these are rough figures but see the difference of £5,000, a PC can do everything a PCSO can and you'd find most chavvy jobs would more less inclined to give a fully uniformed PC stick than a PCSO.

    Every the most unintelligible yob can tell you a PCSO's powers amount to f**k all, community policing is failing because yobs don't respect even the limited powers a PCSO has, a PCSO informs you they can keep you for 30 mins (oh, is that right? f**k off).

    I would say a good start would be cut the number of PCSO's in half and try and train up the other half to be full PC's.

    We need more PC's in the community policing role, they're the ones who make vulnerable people feel safe, not some blue tab wannabe.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Just been nicked by one ? :roll:

  3. F*ck me Trig, how long have we had PCSOs now?
  4. No actually, just think the ideas they're but learning from mistakes is needed, I was on the PCSO site and even they feel with just a littleeee moreeee... powers... could be become so MUCH MORE effective.

    I've seen BTP PCSO's issued with cuffs and this is part of Personal Protection Equipment... bearing in mind they're PCSO's have more powers governed onto them by the Chief Constable under some terrorism act I would think.
  5. We've had PCSO's for more than 4 years... 4 years on and you'd think it would be time to make some adjustments...
  6. Not this one again. And they're called Chimps, not PCSO's.
  7. Like what?
  8. Get rid of the useless feckers and use the money to employ Police Officers perhaps?
  9. So you'd rather have an expensive copper directing traffic, staging on a crime scene, stopping kids for dropping litter, helping out at local fairs/events?

    We do need more real coppers, but PCSOs are quite useful - and round our neck of the woods - they have recruited some good looking beeyatches which is always nice. :)
  10. Yes... ok... chimps...

    PCSO already has the authority to hold someone they believe has done a crime for 30 mins... they have no PPE... imagine them giving them training in cuffs and giving them the equipment they need...

    CHIMP walking down street, see's criminal burgler... pursues burglar... CHIMP does a threat assessment and believes that this little 15 year old yob can be detained WITH reasonable force, pair of handcuffs :)

    At the end of the day, PCSO's ARE trained to conduct their own risk assessment... when in a confrontational situation they can feel free to intervene, fall ball and observe, or just walk away compleletely, they know they are not police officers and they always have the support of their line managers.

    I think we all like the idea of having the freedom of choice
  11. Expensive copper... a £5k difference does add up, but where are you getting more value for money? All I'm saying is cut down the numbers and integrate more PC's into this community policing idea
  12. Interesting maths there.

    Why do you propose cutting their numbers by 50%?
    Going on your figures, if you took the wages of 100 PCSO's you'd get about 74 PC's for that kind of money.

    And yes, old story.

    FYI the PCSO's around here do a damn good job. They help prevent crime by their very visible presence and make people feel a lot happier about local policing. They are more often than not paired with a PC to act as an assistant and gain valuable experience. We know we are not going to get many PC's back on the beat but having a PCSO is not that bad an alternative.
    Our NPT Sergeant uses his officers very effectively and his PCSO's have a well defined and important place in his team.
  13. There is a funny little one stood at the barriers at Leeds Station every morning, 5 ft feck all, hat tumbling down around his ears and his boots need a good polish. He looks like his Mum has pushed him out the door at 6am and told him not to come back until 5.
    I fear on weekends he is a deception tactic as there is usually a couple of monsters from BTP floating round near the exits.
  14. It's a rough idea, either that or make them more effective, I don't think they are effective as they could be, and thats why I'd prefer to see more PC's
  15. Ironic that PCSOs (pretend police officers) are civilians who are paid to dress up like police officers to give the public the erroneous impression that there are police 'out on the streets' .. whereas Special Constables are actually real police officers (okay, we all call them hobby-bobbies) who give up their free time and are not paid 8O