Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wildcard.rgbw, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. I think its about high time the plastic plods are done away with and political correctness as well when it comes to policiing, get rid of these blue-epaulette monkeys.

    Always have a casual banter with regular PC's who consider the intelligence they gather is "invaluable" but is the amount of tax payers money which goes into their job role really worth it?

    What should be done? Get rid of them? Turn them into real police? Revise the job role?
  2. PCSO's what? :roll:

    The job they struggle to do is really what the regular Police should be doing, but cannot do because they are so strangled by red tape.
    I would suggest instead of bringing in less-well paid and qualified personel to do the work Police Officers don't have enough time to do, send the PCSOs to the station to do the paperwork to free up the proper PCs.

    PCs generally join out enthusiasm for public service and are paid well to do their job. It's in no one's interest to tie them down in any way.
  3. They are the equivalent of mobilised TA - policing on the cheap. Better policing requires more police - simple as.

    PCSO's lack powers of arrest, they are between security guards and real police
  4. Are you that much of an idiot or are you trying to get be divisive?

    Mobilised TA get paid the same of regs and have the same powers.

    The TA exists so that the army can benefit from thousands of valued soldiers, often with vital trades, who wouldn't otherwise be availible as full timers.
    The PCSOs exist because there isn't enough money to employ more PCs.

    They are by no means the equivalent.
  5. I want to be a PCSO when I grow up. No really. Only so I can smash parking tickets on people.
  6. Special Constables should be paid, formalised and allowed to drive etc as regular officers; they are the equivalent of the TA for the police, with the same powers on a part-time basis. PCSOs should be unpaid volunteers.
  7. Why are there none of these CHIMPS on The Bill?
  8. rerole the pcso's as an admin section their role could be to support the police by doing things such as wittness testimonies, filling out the reports based on the PC's info from their pocket books allowing the police to be free of much of the red tape allowing them to go back on the beat. These PSO (police support officers) could have a hierachal rank similar to the police, which they currently lack, giving them an incentive to stay in. There could be a cut down recruitment program for the police from their ranks. Encouraging those who currently cant join the police due to lack of drive or lack of places to become PSO's knowing that if places become available they stand a better chance. At the same time they could get admin and businness admin qualifications as would suit their new role giving allowing them to act asa modern apprentiship recruiter.

    So no addittional cost, admin problems solved, majority of policeman back on the streets.
  9. Kudos to you wildcard.rgbw, this has never been done on ARRSE before.
  10. This idea is repeatadly circulated. I think its a positive one which the government are mad not to jump on board with.

    Specials acting exactly as TA. No Pension. Bounty every year. Minimum requirement to stay qualified. Oppurtunities to "Mobilise/FTRS" and short cut routes for those suitable to transfer over after some more input on legislation.

    Leaving PCSO'd to be volunteers, Prisoner processors and other jobs volunteers might like (Schools liason etc).

    The benefit is that the government wouldn't be paying much more (If any more) out per year. They still wouldn't be paying out for more pensions but they would get more boots on the streets with full police powers (Up goes the stats) and would probably get more sensible applicants rather than the current stereotype.
  11. They are voluntary oppertunities to do all the admin work, and alot of people do it, I'm questioning how EFFECTIVE they are!

    Not enough money to employ more PC's is absolute bollox, I would rather see 2 PC's on the beat rather than 3 PCSOs which is what it works out as, they are kind of shake and bake, it's pathetic to think a voluntary special can be trained and equipped with the skills far more quickly in literally a few weekends.

    Yes it is red tape holding the PCSO's back, its about how much responsibility they can have and what they can do, kind of like rules of engagement stop them from jumping into hostile situations just like us soldiers.

    Saying that... voluntary PCSOs is actually not a bad idea!

    Paying 16,000 to a CHIMP and 22,000 to a regular PC... hmm... its debatable how effective they are compared to cost.

    LOL saying PCSO's are equivalent to mobilised TA... are you in the TA mate?
  12. No it's not, it's their lack of training. Red tape (ie. the glut of form filling and admin work) holds back real PCs.
  13. I still don't care, I will take my pension and become a PCSO and ticket the lot of you. Apparently they don't make traffic wardens anymore, so not only will I become a nightmare on the internet, I'll be a triple nightmare as a PCSO. Happy days.
  14. OOOooo I'm scared lol
  15. Friend of mine is a PCSO in the Met, she has applied to become a PC, has passed her day one and is waiting to start training. The problem is that because she is a PCSO and they are short-staffed in her area, she has to wait. If she had been a civvy when she applied she would be in training by now.