PCSOs, the ultimate walts?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by arby, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. We've had two attempt to join our TA unit both as useful as tits on fish. They just wanted the uniform and kit. Weeding them out of the system isnt too difficult they aint that commited.
  2. I don't undertand if the goverment can afford the pay for PCSO's , then why don't they just pay out for the real thing, cos these guys are useful for sweet FA
  3. seems to be a prestge/power thing with the ones Ive met. Ive had one have a go at me for smoking outside the doorway of a pub because she said the smoke could blow back into the bar, and another one who refused to do anything when a couple of pikey chavs were kicking the sh it out of some herres fencing on one of our sites because it wasnt their responsibility aparently.
  4. If PCSOs got identical uniforms to the fully trained and qualified PC then it could have some very dangerous fallout, look at the recent event of 2 PCSOs standing by while members of the public tried to save a young lad.

    If they want to wear a Police Uniform then they should be properly trained as Police Officers.

    How will they get more respect from the public when as soon as they are challenged to deal with an incident they run away or call for support as they are not trained and then stand by and do nothing......
  5. any of them on here who fancy defending their honour? to be fair, Ive never heard a PCSOs opinion.
  6. Do they have any honour?
  7. The new uniforms should have a big yellow stripe down the back.
  8. How many Walts do you see with a screwdriver to their ears? I don't think they are walts at all, just a government way of improving numbers and saving money.

    It is the government who again made this mess. You can't put half trained Police Officers on the street.

  9. Are you talking about the drowning incident? I think you should read the full story first. There was no one on top of the water and they didn't know where the boy was last spotted. A bit stupid to go in the water when you haven't got a clue were to go.

  10. er..is that a trick question ?
  11. go away plod walt.
  12. the world has gone mad, next we will have profanity police, gender police, do gooder police as well as the mary poppins police, and finally ****** police
  13. If they want the uniform, it's there for the taking. All they have to do is join the Police. Simple.

    Oh - that's right, they're fucking useless cunts who haven't got the commitment or the guts. Sill y me.
  14. Thats no excuse for cowardice, its that "not in my remit" attitude. I rekon that where ever the other kid was screaming and waving, that would probably be a good idea as to where the sprog was, no?