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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ExMetPlod, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. I do not know if its me, but as I walk the streets of London, every PCSO I see is carrying a carrier bag containing shopping. Sometimes it looks as if its his/her lunch, but I have seen one choice specimin carrying what looked like his full weeks shopping in two bags. I was wondering if they are issued carrier bags as a personal issue when the graduate out of Hendon ?. Is this a London thing, or is this trend prevelant in other parts of the UK
  2. It's their pay, in cash.

    Fearing a run on their banks, PCSO's have taken to withdrawing their monthly salary in cash on payday. And at £26,000 pa in MPS, it's certainly worth it.

    26k, I was told today and nearly fell off my chair.

  3. 26k? But what do they do?
  4. Oh they form 'vital links' between the Polce Service and the community....in other words sweet FA but pounce about in a uniform :x
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Fcuk all.

    Makes me livid. They begrudge us 'front line' Civil Servants every penny, yet many of us (skivving, complaint - ready 'special cases' excuded of course) are worked like dogs. Wish we got paid their wages for standing around chatting to their biffo's doled up in arctic gear, whilst cleverly ignoring hateful glances of the public at large, and failing to detect, solve, prevent or 'help' with crime in any way.
  6. Is this really the state of British Policing? I have nothing against PCSOs and i don't know any, either. Shopping in uniform and earning £26k if this thread is to be believed ?

    I have nothing against the Police, either. What does worry me is my experience of modern Police in recent years, newspaper reports of ACPO activities, and also how motorists have been hammered.

    They may have lowered the bar in recent times, and it shows.
  7. According to the advert starting pay is "just over £16,000 (although those working in London will receive more), and rising steadily as you gain experience"
    So I suspect that £26k someone who's been in since they started, is in London and/or includes overtime/shift pay
  8. And there was me wanting to be a PCSO when I get out of the Army just so I could slap parking tickets on pissy old people's cars and tell drunken squaddies in Richmond to politely "go away please sir, else I shall call the proper bizzies, and then you are in a lot of trouble" or words to that effect.

    So I'd get a massive wodge as well as my pension? Jobs a good'un!!!

    Edit: I get to go shopping in work time as well? Who needs bonuses!!!!
  9. god girl, get a good job which is respectable......parking wardens make a fair bit i hear :p

    and id giveyou something along those lines :wink:
  10. Thicky, they don't have traffic wardens anymore, the PCSOs do it now. PRC, you'd have to learn to spell and use apostrophes before I'd go anywhere near your wodge.

    Speaking of which, wodge, where did you leave my key?
  11. I shall go into town in the morning and tell those wonderful 'civil enforcement officers' plopping about that they are now obsolete then.

    You missed out adding spaces between words.
  12. Sadly this is very true. I joined the Met in 1975, and I believe that today the MPS is a mere shadow of its former self. Talking to old mates still in the job, they tell me that the PC brigade is to the fore, people are frightened to say anything,scared to be denounced, its like Stalin's Russia
  13. OK Comrade you're off to the Lancashire Gulags for that!
  14. I have always believed that any job title that contains the word 'community' is a waste of tax-payers' money.
  15. As if they arent bad enough, you go giving them additional credence.

    They dont graduate, they fall out the back gate with the kitchen slop wagon.