PCSOs intimidated by 13 year old

Scared PCSOs 'called police for help'

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Scared PCSOs 'called police for help'

By Lucy Cockcroft
Last Updated: 1:28pm GMT 31/01/2008

Two community support officers resorted to locking themselves in a room when confronted by an aggressive 13-year-old, before calling the police to rescue them, it has emerged.

Scared PCSOs 'called police for help'
PCSOs were introduced by former Home Secretary David Blunkett

The part-time Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) were summoned to a disturbance in a referral centre for juveniles, but instead of taking the situation in hand they were forced to hide when the teenager became abusive.

MPs say the incident raises more concerns over the effectiveness of PCSOs - dubbed 'plastic police’ - since they were introduced by the Government in 2002. Geoffrey Cox, Conservative MP for West Devon, where the incident happened, said it highlights the “limited value” of PCSOs.

He said: “These officers cannot fill the shoes of a policeman.

A police officer has the powers and confidence to deal with these type of incidents.

“What is wrong is that the Government expects PCSOs to act like police officers.

“But they will always be of extremely limited value in dealing with serious incidents, even run of the mill incidents like this. This illustrates their limited value.

“They are there for high visibility public reassurance. What we need is more policeman on the beat.”

Last year two PCSOs sparked outrage in Greater Manchester when they refused to jump into a pond where a 10-year-old boy drowned.

In this latest incident, in Ham Drive, Plymouth, the two PCSOs fled into a room to escape the violent boy where they locked the door and called for back-up.

Four full uniformed officers were then dispatched to help and the youth was arrested but released back into the care of one of his parents after 45 minutes.

Sharon Taylor, Assistant Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall police, said the PCSOs “did the right thing” during the incident.

She said: “My understanding is that they were called there for a completely unrelated matter but when they arrived this juvenile became aggressive towards them.

“Obviously as a result of the violence displayed towards them they called for back-up from police officers and in the interests of personal safety, did the right thing and waited for the arrival of those officers who arrested the offender.

“Personal safety was their primary concern and they did the right thing. We don’t intentionally put them into situations to deal with violent confrontations issues because they are not trained to deal with them.”

PCSOs were introduced by former Home Secretary David Blunkett but were quickly derided as “police on the cheap”.

They are only able to detain a suspect for up to 30 minutes but can issue on-the-spot fines for littering, cycling on footpaths and criminal damage.

There are currently 15,000 PCSOs working across the UK today, supporting 141,381 police officers, and each earns up to £25,000 a year.
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Hahahaha quality, I hate little toe rags but they do make me chuckle sometimes


Book Reviewer
WTF? These PCSO's aren't supposed to be paid - I thought it was all voluntary . . . or is that actual police T.A. type blerks?

It's another gobment waste of time and money. Money they are spending to put a visible, but useless presence on the streets that should be real coppers, not plastic ones.

It's all about image and spin again, but of course, this particular piece of smoke and mirrors is costing us taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds.
I think you're thinking of the Special Constabulary, who are the volunteers. The PCSO's are paid but most of them wouldn't be on anything like £25K a year except in london perhaps!!
25k though just to walt about i mean walk about, do a bit of grassing up giving it some mlaaaaar. the PCSO's where i live spend most of their time shopping or in coffee shops, thats for me!!


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psychobabble said:
I think you're thinking of the Special Constabulary, who are the volunteers. The PCSO's are paid but most of them wouldn't be on anything like £25K a year except in london perhaps!!
Yep, they're the ones. So, the Special Constubulary, with their proper bits of police training, who are dead keen, don't get paid, and some useless walk-about council spy/brownshirt who knows precisely s0d-all about the law and has no powers whatsoever, get's paid good wedge.

Tough on victims, weak on the causes of victims.
psychobabble said:
I think you're thinking of the Special Constabulary, who are the volunteers. The PCSO's are paid but most of them wouldn't be on anything like £25K a year except in london perhaps!!
You forget they get basic and overtime, just like their 'real' counterparts - 25 k is not unheard of from what I've been told be people in the job (plod not plastic!)- easy life, jobs a good un, provided you can live with yourself. But 25 k buys a lot of sleep!
I had a look at the PCSO ages ago when i wanted something to do, on there it said you get an allowance of about 3k a year thats it, also who can blame them if they even said something as stupid as "orite calm down lad" they would be in court under a human rights case for calling the teenager lad.
Specials are no bloddy better, if not worse. at least the P.C.S.O's pick up a bit of knowledge by doing the job full time and working alongside us. The P.C.S.O's in my force get 6 weeks training, not much I admit, but the bloody specials get three weekends and are then sent out on the streets. They have little knowledge of the very basics of law and even less on how to properly investigate an offence! they may be well intentioned, but they don't half cause us some problems.
Was the 13yr old, in fact, a silverback gorilla?


In that case the plastic plod should get a fcuking grip and get back to their old jobs at McDonalds.
So hold on here, PCSO are out there to give a visible police presence, and have the power to detain but not arrest.

They were sent to a disturbance at a referral centre for juveniles, so there's a likelihood of violent behaviour? :?

So instead of detaining the youth they lock themselves in a room and wait for the police??

So we're paying for two PCSOs to ruc up get scared and lock themselves away and then have to pay for four more proper police to then turn up and solve the dispute.

Please tell me where the value for money is in that.

Stop cutting corners and pay for more police :x
reading this again.

25K for a PCSO, we have 15000 of the useless gits.

So a quick maths here that costs us £375,000,000 a year.

Even if we employed 7500 regular bobbies that would equate to £50000 per year per bobby, would training and pay for a single bobbie exceed £50000. :?

Surely its better sence to have 7500 fully trained, bobbies on the street than 15000 would be policemen. :?

When is any govenment going to start running the country like a buisness, instead of wasting tax payers money on lining thier own pockets????

£5000 for an apple core :x jesus christ what the hell is this world coming too?

Yeah let her off she's a fitty :p
The_Rattler said:
damn i am in the wrong job £25k to be walt filther, that sounds cool
fu**ck me, i want in too.
In Nottingham you see more Community support blokes than you do normal Police and everyone just takes the piss out of them,there was a fight in the square in town and when they ran over i heard one lad shout what are you going to do call the police and they did nothing.
Yet another example of why trying to always go for the cheap option doesn't work. Although I don't think that £25k is exactly a cheap option.
Sharon Taylor [the assistant head shed] said "Personal safety was their primary concern"
If that's the norm then what's the point of having them?
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