PCSO's - Goodbye Plastic Plod

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Northern_Biff, Oct 22, 2010.

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  1. Lanc's police are going to get rid of their 400 + PCSO's as a cost saving measure.
    Good news and the start of putting things back in order. They were pointless, powerless and largely useless IMHO. I can only hope that the rest of the forces follow their lead.

    BBC News - Lancashire Police could axe all 427 PCSOs

    Lancashire Police could axe all 427 PCSOs

    The chief constable said it was not a decision that had been taken lightly
    Lancashire Police is considering axing all 427 police community support officers (PCSOs) from its force.
    All PCSOs have been told their jobs could go by March 2011 amid increased uncertainty over future funding.
    The force pays for their roles through a grant from central government or from local councils - which it said it could no longer rely on.
    Unison said "lives would be devastated" by the proposed cuts and it "would not stand by and let this happen".
    Ed Balls, the shadow home secretary, described the move as an "early, concerning sign" of the effect of the Spending Review on policing.

    Lets not forget however, that the original concept was from the John Major government before the blind idiot started it rolling.
  2. Although its great that the police are finally getting rid of the happy shopper coppers are they getting replaced by any real police?

    Why are Unison involved?
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Because they have to represent them even if they are pointless, powerless and the public have zero confidence in them?

    Indeed. Think about all those monthly subs going towards the Unison Chrimbo piss up. As for real Policing? Doubt there will be any more real coppers after these cuts.
  4. Actually, the gangly, speccy PCSO who walks the beat here is far more useful than the actual PCs who are never seen out of a car. He rooted the junkies out of the park, caught some repeat vandalisers of cars and even looks up your address and gives you a knock if you leave your lights on. The proper plod just hand out crime numbers for the insurance company.
  5. I thought the old bill couldnt be in a union? Or does that not apply to Blunketts Buffoons?
  6. Just ole bill
  7. Are they the Spanish police?
  8. Touche. ' added for your benefit. Feel free to stick it where it fits...
  9. This comes as no surprise really. PCSO's take home as much as a probationary constable and forces can make them redundant. With the central and local government funding drying up this was pretty much inevitable.

    One PCSO I was talking to over a year ago was saying how he had to take, initially, a pay cut to be a constable.
  10. Whatever it is they do won't get done by anyone else though. Unless they all decide to become Speshul Cuntstubbles instead.

    Any chance that they could bin those Bunteresque, Ginsters scoffing plastic traffic plod off the M6 too?

    I know they aren't real and have powers that stop at the ability to sweep up glass but it seems I'm always behind a twat that doesn't. As a consequence everyone has to slam the brakes on as he/she slows down as soon as they see a luminous 4 wheel drive driving at 69mph with the deliberately ambiguous words "Traffic Officer" written on the back.
  11. Surely that means they're effective as a speeding deterrent then?

    Besides any fule knoe you can get away with 80 on a motorway!
  12. And self perpetuating since they probably cause accidents by the reaction they provoke. Because of that they've always got some glass to sweep up

    Fuel prices are a more effetive and safer speeding deterrent. No point chasing round like a loon if it's costing you a fortune.
  13. A bit like saying the clown who spun his car into the bushes on an infamous bend approaching camp should blame the fact it was raining! (Odd how everyone else managed to navigate it safely)
  14. You mean the PCs who are going to deal with crime as opposed to pratting about avoiding the trouble areas like 90% of them do?

    How 330 PCSOs that cost taxpayers £8m a year detected just 50 crimes | Mail Online

    Yes I'm aware it's a Daily Mail article etc, just extract the figures from the article.