PCSO's get it right.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arte_et_Marte, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Pupil takes an 8" Artillery shell to a lesson in a primary school in Essex.

    Community Support Officers give "expert" advice.

    Pupil Takes Artillery Shell To Show And Tell

    This is obviously crap reporting.

    It may have happened in KENT but not Essex.
  2. Just loved this reply to the story so much I boffed my Cornflakes!

    "There is something strange on the story... That shell weight around 40 to 50 kg when it´s loaded.
    But if it was discharged and there is only the shell, it weight around 16kg.
    Probably it was really the shell that some family member got from a disposable garbage or from a scrap yard.
    Most times this things get to recycle but the guys like it and get them out before destroying them.
    So it was empty, no danger for anyone."

  3. Can you get 8" artillery shells?

    Thought they'd be much longer. Even a 51mm mortar bomb is longer than 8 inches.

    And so is my penis.
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  4. Photos my little aubergine, or it never happened.
  5. As you are well aware Jimpy, ammo caliber generally involves diameter, not length (or girth) So your penis is...Oh. Hang on...I see.
  6. Show us your's first.
  7. 6Pdr Solid Shot.
  8. Yes mucker, I'm aware it's usually diameter but reading the article seems to suggest it was 8" long.

    Still not as long as my penis.
  9. Reminds me of the time my sister took a shotgun cartridge in to school.

    Cue knobhead in my class yelling 'that's not fired!'. 'Yes, it is' I responded, ending my input.

    Debate later amongst other kids, and this tw4t was 'weighing' the shell informing the teacher sagely 'it's empty'.

    'I know it is' said I. 'The percussion cap is dented, and it was me who folded the thing shut again!' (it was a paper shell).

    Headteacher attempted to reprimand my Mum, but she pointed out only a month or so previous the school had been used to pick up the debris from a clay pidgeon shoot on the village green.

    Made I larrff it did.
  10. Fetes?

    Are you trying to destroy my thread?

    Where, in the link, or anywhere else does the word 'fete' get a mention?

    Be serious.

    We are.
  11. I remember my school museum having a fine collection of grenades, shells, bombs & other warry stuff going back to the 1914-18 fisticuffs.
    I wonder what happened to it all when the nation went all PC & cotton-woolly.
  12. Big pen but fixed gratis nonetheless. You airborne chaps make me chuckle, you shilly shauages you