PCSOs and their powers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know exactly what their powers and limitations are? The reason is I'm having grief with a bunch of Polish mongs next door, constant racket way above the norm. I've phoned the non-emergency number we have down here (101) and they pass me to Council Environmental Health Noise team. They say to log it all down etc etc and they go from there. The problem there is that the noise is now not two weeks down the line, we asked for them to send either the police or a PCSO, as I was led to believe that their role was to deal with anti social behaviour.

    I am moving house in about 4-6 weeks and don't want to start making all the complaints formal as I'm sure you're aware that could affect the house sale, if they don't send someone round and it continues it's going to end in violence, I can just see it. It's not been easy to hold back so far I can tell you. I've tried tracking down the landlord of the property to tell him but no joy, oh, and there's 8 of them in a 2 bedroom house!

    Anyone in the know out there?

    PS Anyone got any spare ear plugs??!
  2. Ring up from a public phone box and tell the Rozzers that they are selling drugs from the property. It won't get your problem sorted but it will fu*k them around when their property is pulled apart by the boys in blue!
  3. PCSO powers vary from force to force. But the main thing to remember about them is that they are a very pale imitation of a real police officer at virtually the same cost. In general they are as much use as mud flaps on a tortoise

    edited t say please take no notice of the word force and insert "service" instead.
  4. PCSO are actually very effective.

    The only thing that they havent got are powers of arrest. They are a very handy role and many people mis judge their purpose. Many people think that they are useless and are a waste of money.

    PSCOs are part of NPT or SPT (Neighbourhood patrol team or Safer Neighbourhood patrol team to you), which mean they are always on foot and interact with the local community. They are extremley effective resource and manage to provide a highly visable deterance on the streets and are a great link between the police and the public. Their job means that they walk the beat when police officers have a lot of paper work to do .... which is what gets suspects to court.

    Do not think that you do not have to listen to a PCSO when they ask you to stop or if they enquire information off of you.

    I am a special constable on a NPT and our PSCOs are extremley effective and very helpful to me and the 4 other Police constables on my team. :D :D :D

    Go to this website for more info on their powers:
  5. If they are just as effective as the Police 'Service' then why not give them the power of arrest and hey ho! more police with feet on the ground.
  6. PCSOs are walts, as much use as t1ts on a fish.
  7. Phones box and tip the Inland Revenue about the landlord ....8 in a 2 bed hum im sure he is honest and good man and would do the same too help out any natives of the shot. :x
  8. Ta everyone, would I be right in thinking though that they can come round on their own to debrief them without having a PC in tow?
  9. Cant you complain to enviromental health about the numbes living there must be some law against that amount of bods under one roof
  10. old_n_fat

    Good like to the police blog. I'm expecting to start as a PCSO in a couple of months and it's confirmed what I was expecting.
  11. Next time it gets rowdy, 'phone 999, tell them the Polish guys are fighting amongst themselves and have started hammering on you're door.

    Does'nt matter if it's not true; when the police turn up, tell them the Poles have only just stopped trying to kick your door down.

    Make sure you have some evidence, even if it means marking the door yourself.

    Garbology is another good one; if the cnuts are in the habit of leaving bottles lying around, nick a few(while wearing gloves). Next time you want to call the cops, smash a few of the Pole's empty bottles and leave them outside your door.

    Bottom line: you'll get absolutely nowhere if you play by the rules.

    Oh, and PCSO's? Don't be stupid.
  12. In which case it's a clear breach of the tenancy and the landlord can be prosecuted if they knowingly allow them to stay there. The Housing Act 2004 puts several obligations on landlords offering multiple occupancy, including a duty of care to other residents and not overcrowding the property. More info here LINK. The bit about registering as a landlord should help you find the b*gger and make them wind the Polacks' collective necks in.

    Other than that, let your house to some Germans while you go on holiday for a bit. A month was long enough last time. :lol:
  13. Regarding the Wimbledon, Putney, Southfields, Wandsworth areas, there are lots of these guys and gals. They seem ok to me but some of the younger ones are 'scruffy'. I'll bet the real police give them a hard time, excepting the prettier girls of course!
  14. But then they'd need to be trained up on all the legal knowledge coppers learn at the police college, so they'd effectively become police officers but get paid less.