PCS Smock

This has probably been asked before...
What is the small pocket on the left used for on the PCS smock with the button hole in it?
Might be for the avalance reflecting thingy that allows you to be found if your buried in an avalanche
Famously left on the desert smock as apprantly more expense and hassle to change the pattern :)
It doesn't appear on the new smock.
The pocket is for a compass, as already stated.
Really, is there much call for producing perfect circles in the field? (crop circles standfast) However if this is true, what pocket does your ruler go in?
So you have the need for perfect cirlces when out in the field too, do you? Please do tell...
Funnily yes we do require perfect circles on our map marking in the CP, however the Compass in question is for finding North. Are you getting mixed up with one of these.

Compasses. an instrument for drawing or describing circles, measuring distances, etc., consisting generally of two movable, rigid legs hinged to each other at one end (usually used with pair of ): to spread the legs of a compass and draw a larger circle.
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