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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Alan Partridge, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. I've heard a dirty little rumour today that due to the move into MTP, the Corps are thinking of making all RD types wear issued MTP ranks slides, and to show they are different, the Supervisory trades will wear rank in R SIGNALS blue.

    Anyone else heard this little gem? :)

    My suggestion that actually, supervisors should wear desert boots, and RD types highly polished combat high, was met with less enthusiasm, I have to say...
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  2. My god, the Corps needs a Hero. Stuff like that is just one of the reasons why everyone else thinks we're a bunch of shit *****. It wouldn't surprise me, if it was some signals plonker in Bastion who started off getting everyone to iron their PCS and wearing stable belts
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  3. Tucked in PCS is the way forward, this is the British Army after all. All in favour of Supvrs wearing desert boots especially since my tax back claim against boot polish was rejected!
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  4. Let's just wear the stuff issued and as designed.
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  5. Also, are we still meant to wear name tapes? :?
  6. Seconded
    We are forever as a Corps trying to constantly do things differently. Leave things the **** alone!
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  7. NO, they are websters! End!
  8. I get the feeling a game of Chinese whispers is happening!

    The Corps FofS, YofS, FofS(IS) and YofS(EW) all have a blue background to their rank badges!

    Why I don't know but reckon it is to differentiate them as being the Corps job!
  9. Does the CRSM also have a blue badge?

    Is this the start of some new Corps trend? :)

    I mean, technically, all of the supervisors are in a Corps job, as opposed to the RDs, whose job could be done by anyone, right? :thumright:
  10. The Corps appointments wear the Coat of Arms with Laurels with a blue background. This is a badge of appointment rather than a badge of rank. All WO1 coat of Arms in the Corps have a blue background. As do officer pips. We have a blue lanyard as well but we normally wear them in no2 dress or barrack dress. Not CS95 or PCS which has bespoke issue rank slides and a TRF to show Corps identity.

    Officer's rank slides like they wore on their jumpers had ROYAL SIGNALS in blue. When we moved to CS95, rather than just use the issue ones, a trend formed for using old shitty ones. Sounds like the same is happening again.

    Someone will have a bright idea of using some stupid looking bespoke to the Corps knock offs but we will have to pay for them ourselves. Just like the blue ones in CS95 or black ones you can't see to identify in Armd units.

    We need to start knocking around camp in the FAD barrack dress and wearing PCS on Ex / Ops where we should be caring about function not fashion.
  11. Personally I think you're shitcunts because you randomly bull the toecaps of your assault boots when in CS95, your love of nametapes, crossed swords and rifles on CS95 rank slides (wtf?) and the little fairy on your cap badge.
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  12. Highly polished not bulled!
  13. leave Jimmy alone. He's a God you know!

    The Corps can be its own worst enemy by listening to bad advice and not finding out the correct way of doing things.

    Example: Checking the brass plate on the back of collar dogs. Absolutely pointless. This is normally done at the expense of checking trousers are correctly hung or tie is pushed into to the top of the collar.

    Soldier learns that he needs to waste time on silly brass plate nobody will ever see instead of dressing himself correctly and making sure things fit.
  14. I don't as no one is making them yet. As an interim measure I'm telling everyone I meet how awesome I am.
  15. You, sir, have the makings of a future Commanding Officer. At least, I had a CO like that.