PCS - quality issues?


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Is it just the PCS that has been issued to my unit, or is the quality low?

The velcro strips in the Lightweight Jacket pockets is pulling away from the material, and on the front flap it's loosing it's... velcroicity (ie, it won't stick closed any more).

What is the idea behind covering the kit in such poor quality velcro? Have they never heard of 'buy cheap, buy twice'?
with the lack of kit for exchange they are only buying once anyway, so buy really cheap, and deny anyone replacement.
Seems OK here, no complaints and the QM has been very hot on encouraging us to put in EFRs if we have any problems (probably because he hates it and it looking for an excuse to bin it :) )

So far, he's not had any.
Quality in camp has been fine. On exercise a few issues with the smock arose. The chest pocket zips get caught really easily, the mesh on the inside of the pockets get snagged (especially if you use the pen holders on the inside of the chest pocket), and the hoods fray easily. The lightweight jacket and trousers have been fine.


Shirts and trousers are not the same size as the equivalent CS95 kit and the sizes even differ between PCS kit (LWT JKT & TRS) of the same size.

Same problem with the velcro on the front pockets tearing away, the zips on the front of the smock catching easily and all my kit seems to be sprouting loose threads all over it.
Legs/Crow-Bag - there were some quality issues with the manufacturer with the first Tranche issue. All the EFRs submitted have been from that batch. The latest issues haven't had any problems reported.
Yeah, agreed. Dont see the need for the mesh, useless! Gearspotter, can you shed light why the pockets have mesh in them?
I was wondering this myself as the penslots are coming away from it along with a hole thats appeared at the bottom of one bit enough for a pen to fall through
Yes - to help with air circulation/temperature regulation. As I said, if there are quality control issues, it is most likely because they items were in the initial production batch.
Ah nice one, is there any reason why I've only got one pair of trousers and no rankslides? Or why the clothing store is devoid of any kit for exchanges.


Two of the shirts I was issued were a different size to that on the packet.... Now I'm stuck with them.
Not that bad, a mate had a light weight jacket that was a different size to the one on the label in the shirt

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Only major problem is the top piece of Velcro, just doesn't stick anymore, 90% of the regiment walking round with a collar that isnt stuck down.
Never had any of these problems with the issue greatcoat.
Not sure if it's just mine but the fly on the trousers constantly comes down,anybody else have that drama or just me?

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