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Pcs mtp sizes

This has problerly done to death however a quick answer please, does anyone know the new sizing chart for PCS? Or do I just order the same size as my 95 kit?
Go one size up....and if you have temperate MTP and need hot weather MTP go one size up again! The hot and temperate may say the same size but they are not. All our lads, me included will now have to exchange out in Afghan as they dont match. Even my other half as soon as she saw them said the hot ones were smaller.
Just feeling in my sizing chart now and it's just a nightmare, do I go for the same size as my 95s, as instructed hoping that all these sizing issues have been sorted out by now.
or do I go up a trouser size and down a smock size as advised here take it from me I don't want trousers 1 size too small


Given that you will end up looking like a sack of shit not tied up in the middle does the size you are issued really matter?
Or you can tailor it to fit you nice and snugly......

I only say that because yesterday I sat behind a female Int Corps Sgt who had done just that!! She'd sewn two long curving tucks in to the back of her jacket - I'm not sure how that would go down in the real Army? Right or wrong, it did look a lot smarter than the scruffy combat-Auschwitz pyjama look that now prevails.
I was the same!

These people that claim it comes up smaller, have basically eaten theirselves into a fat mess, whilst awaiting delivery of their PCS.
Funny that - one day i was wearing my CS95 DPM then that morning i went and got my PCS and changed at lunch time into it! So if my CS95 Fitted me fine (despite years or shrinking in issued washing/drying machines).....

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