Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Joyce127, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. Guys and Gals.Im on a course next month and would like a clarification if possible. A section of the JI's read: Whilst on course at ****, Desert Boots are not allowed with MTP or PCS uniform, Black boots must be worn. Students will be required during the course to wear the following Service appropriate dress:b. Army – PCS preferable, however CS 95, if not issued.My Question - Is PCS just the same as MTP? Or is it the CS95 version of the MTP.Kind Regards,
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If you wear what you have been issued you cant go wrong. Ask your CoC for help, the internet isnt the place to sort out JIs.
  3. Obviously ugly's right, but... can't... resist... debating it :)!

    MTP is the "pattern" & CS95 or PCS is the "cut" of the clothing, no? PCS is only available in MTP anyway (either hot weather or temperate). If you haven't been issued PCS then you'd be wearing CS95 DPM - tucked in with stable belt & sleeves up - on your course.
  4. Wear your working dress. Wear black boots.

    IIRC MTP was issued for use in theatre only and is no longer issued.

    Is it that your working dress CBT 95 but you want to wear an old set of MTP from tour on the course? Are you TA?
  5. No it's not, the Royal Navy have PCS in....well, Navy!
  6. I stand corrected!
  7. Turn up in a heavy duty jumper and green drill trousers. JIs are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.
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  8. Joyce, think you yourself...."how would I have found out before the internet was invented"....then do it.
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  9. DPM was replaced by MTP - it's the camouflage pattern, the colours, the shapes.
    CS95 was replaced by PCS - it's the cut of the clothing, the types of jackets and shirts.

    In theatre, people had, for a time, CS95 but in MTP pattern.

    Now, the new issue is PCS uniform in MTP pattern.

    DS Answer ;) but wait out for weird and wonderful variations on PCS such as this rumoured "warm weather variant"
  10. 2 options

    1. Follow regimental dress policy, if it is MTP C95, then wear it (I know commando types have a hankering for that dress)

    2. Bullshit them and say its your regimental dress policy and hope they don't call the RSM for clarification.

    Honestly they don't normally give a toss, its just the real pishtakers they come down on, I've been on courses with guys, Paras mainly, claiming full junglies and canvas boots are regimental dress policy and one commando type with a goping set of boots claiming it wasn't policy in his regiment to polish them shiny.

    The question you need to ask yourself is why you want to wear MTP C95 ? Is there a practical reason or because its dead ally like ?
  11. Just re-reading the original post

    to answer that question I believe that when they say MTP uniform they are talking about C95 in MTP rather than PCS

    The way I read that is wear what you have, MTP (either C95 or PCS) is preferable over DPM for uniformity, but desert boots are NOT to be worn, its that latter point they are having a hardon over
  12. Yeah i understand MTP is the pattern. Never refered to my MTP as PCS though, always just called it MTP. Its all the new kit with the velcro arm patches and all that good stuff. Many thanks anyway for yout time.
  13. Do you just lead a sheltered life or is everyone at you establishment referring to PCS as MTP?
  14. PCS is MTP, but MTP can be PCS or CS95.
  15. Rumoured? I've three sets of the warm weather PCS sat in my room at work.
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