PCS Mk 3 version???

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by davwong, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. Hi all, I have just been told that the army is designing the mk3 version for the PCS. (e.g. getting rid of arm pockets...etc) Is this true? My TA unit's store has not got any PCS kits as the RQ told me maybe next year the mk3 will roll in. Could anyone tell me if this is a rumour or not? Thanks a lot.
  2. I'm sorry if I've got bits and pieces wrong. So what I mean is: CS95 MTP is the Mk1, the current PCS being issued is Mk 2 and my question is, is the MoD redesigning the current Mk 2 to make the Mk 3 version which may roll in next year? Is it just another rumour? Many thanks if you can help me fill the gaps in my knowledge!
  3. Mk1 what?

    There was s95 in mtp. And there is PCS only in MTP. According to my sources in the depot they are continuing to have the same stock with the same nsn designation numbers. I beleive the no arm pocket thing is just a rumour. Some people unstitch the pockets but mongs dont realise it was designed with those pockets for a reason.
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  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    The thought that upon such matters rests the defence of the Realm makes my head hurt....
  5. its all in a thread on here some where
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  6. When your RQ gets some stuff in - He'll probably dish some out. Why worry?
  7. When we spoke to clothing PT at my last unit, they implied that the arm pockets and forearm ballistic/bump pockets will be removed.
  8. Why? If people want a smarter uniform can they not start re-issuing the 95 style shirts in mtp, or simply wear barrack dress?

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  9. Their response was that if we needed the pockets we would be in body armour, and therefore would wear a UBACS (which will be unchanged)...What, in the Arctic!!!

    I know it's mad just to appeal to the 'tucked in,sleeves up' brigade. Slightly blinkered chain of thought outside of a 'HERRICK' campaign.
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  10. So you mean there's something going on about the redesigning process which might appear as Mk3?
  11. Spare sleeve sewn into the back of the shirt.
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  12. S95 shirt. Smarter and more comfortable in warm climates when the sleeves are rolled up.

    Do we distrust our soldiers to roll their sleeves down on ops, do they need to wear full ppe in camp to ensure they do it in the field?

    A 95 shirt would be perfect for hot days, the shirt being of course not a shirt but a jacket (lightweight)

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  13. Which should still be untucked

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  14. Being the scruffy oik I am I am happy with untucked (although it makes even ME feel less than smart!) I still like rolled up sleeves though. The RN and dare I say it the RAF do it, why not us?

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