PCs in fist fight over who should drive van with new radio

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RancidFat, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. PCs in fist fight over who should drive van with new radio first

    On trial now.

    The two police officers were getting ready to start their night patrol. One would have the van, with its state-of-the-art radio, and the other would have to make to do with a panda car.

    When PC Aled Bartlett was allocated the van, PC Byron Emerson-Thomas was more than a little put out, a court heard yesterday.

    Words were exchanged, tea spilt and finally a punch thrown as the former friends came to blows in front of fellow officers.

    The pair had been good friends and had made plans to go to a Lionel Richie concert together before the altercation.

    Did they nick each other in order to meet Government targets ? :wink:
  2. a Lionel Richie concert ...pair of arse bandits, don't they have birds to go with ? and is'nt what they did some sort of chargable offence, if so why were'nt they nicked or is it yet another case of one rule for us and one for plod
  3. Did they both end up Running with the Night All Night Long while their fellow officers were Dancing on the Ceiling watching PC Bartlett get Stuck on You having a Say you Say me with PC Emerson Thomas saying that he was Easy. No doubt they made up and declared Endless Love. :wink:

  4. Is hermersexuality actively encouraged in the cuntstabulary these days?
  5. pair of gays
  6. Surprised they wern't doing another kind of *******!

    They are sooooo gay, as is the police horse :twisted:
  7. I can't say I've seen the same enthusiasm to drive our recently Bowmanised CVR(t)s.
  8. Priceless :D (cheers for that I had a good laugh)

    Surely this is an astute piece of slash fiction?! PC Aled Bartlett...PC Byron Emerson-Thomas...and had made plans to go to a Lionel Richie concert together. Either some one has an over active imagination or things are truly becoming more warped here.
  9. Perhaps it had a new Kenwood fitted and the allged assailant wanted to spend the night shift playing his Bee Gee's collection.