PCS for Olympics

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by JonNotts, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. It would seem that my PCS for op olympic has been misplaced/forgotten/overlooked...

    Is there going to be any facility at rtmc for issue of required items, and if not is there going to be time to re-order through qm's dept?
  2. No, you're going to have to do it in Silver Shadows, vest and pants.
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  3. There's this bloke at your TAC. He's known as QM to his mates. Have a wee chat with him and tell him of your concerns.
  4. Have you two mess tins and a pair of bungees?
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  5. But try not to look too keen or you could end up being mistaken for a competitor from some East European shit hole.
  6. Our blokes were told that it was already in, but not a word about the silver shadows though ....
  7. silver shadows with green socks?

    Rolled, folded or up?
  8. Folded, 4 fingers width, surely?

    To the OP, speak to your RQMS, if they're worth their salt they'll sort it. Ours got my boss's PCS in 2 days.
  9. Why do you need PCS for the Olympics? What's wrong with C95?
  10. Thanks for that, I'll have a word tomorrow.
  11. The kit list specifies PCS
  12. Those who are doing security are being issued it, along with MPGS as they're the first ones you see when you come to a camp. A bit of bluffing other countries that "everyone's been issued the new uniform and the system isn't a complete clusterfuck"