PCS CS95 shirts?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by JakCurse, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. I'm serving in 2 Royal Welsh, was speaking with a friend of mine in the Welsh Guards on the piss last night and he told me his guys were going to be issued with CS95 shirts to replace the "lightweight jacket" when they come back from their current tour as camp dress, does anyone know anything more about this? I'm under the impression they were issued right when MTP came out before it was redesigned, but are they going to be issued again?
  2. The CS 95 "shirt" is a lightweight jacket.
    There is currently no such thing as a PCS CS95 shirt (or lightweight jacket).
    There was a UOR issue of CS 95 kit in MTP before Hot weather PCS was issued for Op HERRICK and temperate PCS was issued to replace CS 95.
    It wouldn't surprise me if someone started issuing MTP 95 pattern shirts/light weight jackets to wear in barracks. After all the Army is ran by consensus and the dinosaurs can't see that PCS is a combat uniform.
  3. To clarify I was referring to a CS95 design style shirt in MTP, I know PCS CS95 is a bit of a confliction of terms
  4. Oh for the days when we wore Battle Dress, shirts hairy, tie, webbed gaiters and webbed belt (blancoed in the colour your local NAAFI sold), boots highly polished and a beret with capbadge over the left eye. No internet, you wore what your badge told you to wear. The only bone of contention was whether you could wear woolly pully when it got cold or whether shirt sleeve order took precedence. Or whether great coats or flasher macs were the best bit of kit ever invented.
    Introducing green combat kit (with a dozen sets of liners) was the first step down the dark road to perdition.........
  5. We were issued the CS95 'cut' MTP on H12 but as stated was a UOR prior to PCS. Admittedly it looks a lot smarter than PCS but PCS is here to stay and FAD Bk dress has been discontinued albeit if you go to Army HQ its come as you please.

    Munch Me
  6. It does sound like something the guards would do. They may find it hard considering most of the 95 style kit in MTP has been issued/ebayed.
  7. Indeed, I've the same issue for H12. The CS95 MTP cut was a operational stop gap before the issue of the PCS*; IMHO it looks better than PCS. I look a right scruffy cnut in PCS.

    *der, as you said - UOR =) Too much drinking, not enough reading on my behalf.
  8. Did anybody notice that Gen Richards was wearing a MTP 'shirt' in the CS95 style today in the Armed Forces Day news report from Afghan?
  9. He was probably issued it when he was in Afghan on a previous visit. We had GOC 4 Div come down a few months ago and he was wearing the same combination,
  10. Really? Considering the amount of "chippy" units who were/are wearing PCS in and up I'd imagine it's not something the Guards would do, not in the UK and especially considering the Welsh Guards are part of London District.
  11. Scuttlebutt from other guys in my unit says the prince of wales inspected the PWRR and didn't like how PCS was worn down and out... Dirty rumors for now I guess
  12. He was wearing the same thing when i had a spot of dinner with him the other night. Complete with SF sleeves!

    I make it sound as if i was sharing his napkin, when in fact i was sat at the next table with his CP team having a very hot curry, lookling for an excuse to exit right!