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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Glorious Groundie, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. Apart from those going on tour or starting basic training, are any the ancils on issue yet?

    I only ask as i have handed in my fleece (cant wear the bloody thing as brings me out in a rash) and the new 'Buffalo' replacement looks like it would do the job.

    Also need to exchange my waterproofs (are these out in MTP) and dont want to look a complete tool with a DPM gortex jacket and MTP bottoms.

    and for a general intrest are we getting/gonna get MTP Bivi Bags/Ponchos?
  2. I know that the 'buffalo' style top won't be issued until the green/sand reversible jacket is dues-out.
  3. GG,

    If you log onto ArmyNet and have a read of ABN 71-11 (Introduction of New Uniforms) it's all in there.

    The short answer is, they will be started to be issued from "early 2012 onwards" :)
  4. Actually, I saw an officer wearing one of the new issue Buffalo's at the guardroom at MoD Corshamon 03 Feb, so clearly they are being issued. I've got a brand new issue og/sand reversible softie which I've never got around to wearing. I've still got my Snugpak Sleeka which I bought as a factory second way back when in 2001. I never where the CS95 fleece either, nor the norgie shirt; in fact, both of mine are unworn and in pristine condition and will be returned to the QM's in that state when I eventually de-kit.
  5. We've got MTP bashas and bivi bags in our store and it a stab store
  6. All being well (famous last words):

    1. CS95 waterproofs in MTP are issued to recruits now and have been on issue for ops for 9 months. However....

    2. The PCS replacement, Lightweight Waterproof, has now been issued to ops and should start being issued across FLCs and recruits from Apr.

    3. Thermal Shirt (Norgie replacement) will start being issued to recruits and ops from Apr-May. Thereafter replacing Norgie on supercession (ie when it wears out).

    4. Thermal Smock (Buffalo - fleece replacement), likewise from Aug- Sep

    5. Bivvi Bag already in MTP. Lightweight improved version in development.
  7. cheers for the replies guys, just got find a storeman willing to become an issuer! lol
  8. Gearspotter, going on Ops in Apr and looking in my Black Bag, i see no waterproofs etc. But then again im missing my helmet as there are no Mediums in, and missing trousers and shirts as none my size in. I know its a summer tour but will i expect to see the waterproofs sometime before i deploy??
  9. Should be - I understand details are being finalised for the next outload as we speak. Unfortunately limited capacity at Bicester is causing problems as ever - its a case of 25% cuts being applied in an illogical and arbitrary manner. You should get the rest of the kit fairly soon too.
  10. although i was able to get a MTP POL suit in normal QM sizes (ie too large or to small!)

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    GS the lightweight waterproof is that based on the keela type that SF get? and is it keela that make them?
  12. Bullshit, get whoever demands your kit to get off their lazy arrse and put a demand in. Storespeople are starting to piss me off now. Trust me, there are hundreds of helmets and PCS in the system (one person sent out a whole pallet full today!).
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  13. There is plenty of space, and ive heard on the grapevine that we are due a massive delivery of PCS and related items in the coming weeks. There is no issue of limited space whatsoever. There are 3 buildings houusing PCS umongst other bits and pieces. The one I was in today has half the shed near-enough completely empty.
  14. That's quite correct. Unfortunately the capacity I was referring to was the ability to receipt, process and issue stores when delivered from industry. It's not a question of volume, but of the correctly qualified bodies to sort it all. That is where the shortfall is but I know the guys at Bicester are doing all the can to get on top if it.

    And you are quite correct about the helmets and the incoming deliveries.
  15. Similar too but not a direct copy. And no - another manufacturer. Actually it's a better performing material than the SF one.