Discussion in 'Officers' started by Chad_Vader, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Soon to depart for the hallowed lands of Brecon, though the course is somewhat shrouded in mystery here- is it the hell that is often mentioned or is it as awsome as others claim, a breakdown of the course itself would be helpful!!!
  2. It is Hell!
  3. Harder in my day obviously
  4. PCD is all large packs and camouflage cream. Pretty grim really.
  5. Balls. It's the best adventure holiday you'll ever go on.

    The difference in focus from Sandhurst is that instead of concentrating on getting the process right, at SoI they're interested in getting the right result and see the process as a not indispensable means to an end.

    I'd imagine these days you'll also benefit from a considerable amount of real combat experience amongst the instructors.
  6. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I found it the traditional mix of (very) hard work and bloody good fun - although I did it a while ago on Wiltshire's rolling downland.

    As long as you're admin is squared away, you play the game in and out of command appointments, listen very carefully on the field firing instruction and stand your rounds in the bar, you should be OK.

    Stops before launching into "When I did the course..."
  7. Sounds delightful!

    Does anyone know the current course breakdown?

    Cheers gents.
  8. Some exercises, a few TEWTS, some more exercises, a bit of Field Firing, lessons etc. If you enjoy Infantry type stuff, you'll enjoy the course. You'll work hard, with like-minded people. There will be the occasional emotional spell in which you discover that bergans really can be quite unreasonably heavy, and that, as much fun as GPMG is, it takes a while to clean after a weak of blank firing. You get to blow things up, shoot stuff and go to Africa - what's not to like?

    I imagine they'll brief you when you get there, and, for that matter, in the pre-course brief you should get at RMAS after you've finished Ex WINTER VICTORY. I wouldn't get too excited about the details of the programme this far in advance. Rest assured that they don't keep things secret - you'll have plenty of notice about all the activities before they happen.
  9. I believe that there's an electronic copy of the JIs on ArmyNet somewhere, which give a breakdown of the course.
  10. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    It's bloody marvelous. ~90 like minded one pip wonders, learning loads, blowing the $h!t out of all sorts, getting ready for ops.

    I just hope you luck in with your instructors. Like anywhere, some are better than others.

  11. My syndicate instructor on PCD had an MC and was in the Light Infantry. Unfortunately he had lost his marbles completely. It came to light during the course that he had kidnapped a soldier from the Irish Rangers and was keeping him hostage in his cellar. There are a lot of nutters in the army. Many are instructors on PCD.
  12. I remember reading about this chap. He'd had a bad time at Loos hadn't he? :wink:
  13. My Bold - and if you don't then you're in the wrong job!!!! :D
  14. my only advice is paper fecking tiger!!!

    Start on it as soon as you can, and make it good, everything else is fantastic, and should in theory come naturaly.

    Dont copy paper tiger no matter how many people say you will get away with it DONT DO IT. put in the graft and it will bump up your overall grade.

    Dont ride a motorbike into the mess and start doing wheel spins, even if DINF said "young officers in my day got up to so much more mischief"

    And as nice as your smart sports car is, its far better off in the car park than wedged in the mess door!!