Discussion in 'Officers' started by HighlandHitters, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,

    This is my first post so go easy on me if its in the wrong section of the website!

    I passed my Main Board in Mid March and am due to start at Sandhurst in May. However there is no PCCBC for anyone who passed the Main Board I attended. This being the case I obviously miss out on any advice that would be issued at PCCBC, as well as not being given my boots (I am dreading the first week or so!), and I was hoping that some of you guys would be able to tell me anything that may have been mentioned on the course. Obviously fitness is a must (I am following the fitness plan off the Sandhurst website) but is there anything else that I really need to work on/read up on before I begin?
    I have looked at the Sandhurst webpage but it doesn't give much info apart from a general outline of the course.

    Cheers for any help!
  2. It was mostly briefings, all fairly interesting but most of the vital information can be found here;


    The kit list is important, make sure you've got everything on there. You really do need to get boots issued pre-CC, have you spoken to OCAC? If not they may be able to arrange you coming down to collect a set, or even a possible issue from a local unit.

    As long as you can pass the PFT there are no other issues with the fitness at this stage.

    Also look at the selecting a regiment file under documents, it was stressed this was important so you at least had a vague notion of what your picks would be.

    Otherwise, the message was "get fit, get pissed, and stay injury free!"

    See you in May
  3. PS theres a facebook group Sandhurst CC112
  4. The only other thing is that you won't have had your final entrance medical. As you passed AOSB very recently, I can't imagine there being any big issue, but it's another hurdle that must be crossed when you start in May. See you then!
  5. I have a friend who was also March AOSB, he was told he'd need the blood test and information, but wouldn't need to do the hearing or doctor. Although you'll probably end up doing it anyway just for the fun of it
  6. Are you sure you are starting in May? I was under the impression PCCBC was mandatory as it sorted out a lot of the admin that is necessary for the first couple of weeks.

    Do you have a letter/spoken to OCAC confirming a May start?
  7. As I was getting late in the game for my main board, I was briefed by my ACA that it is possible to start the CC without attending PCCBC, but that it's not recommended due to the admin / boots / fitness / medical stuff. Luckily I squeezed in MB just before PCCBC.
  8. As Fraudstar has pointed out, if you don't have confirmation from OCAC via letter that you have a place in May, then don't bank on being there. Get in contact via the phone number that should be printed on your MB pass letter. The MB letter is NOT a CC place confirmation!
  9. Thanks for the replies guys.

    Yes I am certain I am starting in May. I received the letter confirming my pass, I have spoken to the OCAC and they have also confirmed my having a place for May, I also have a letter from my sponsor and ACA confirming my attendance. I also received a letter explaining that I wouldn't be able to attend a PCCBC but would have to have the medical etc done when I arrive. Its the same for the others who also passed on my Main Board. So I am certain I have a place.
    On the boots front I also spoke to the OCAC and was told I could not go and collect a pair from Sandhurst! Nor can I buy a pair to wear in and use them. I have become resigned to the fact that my feet will be ripped to shreds and that my first few weeks are going to be pretty painful.
  10. Not necessarily. The issue boots are not as bad as everyone makes out. Everyone has to break a pair in at some point. Just ensure you have some zinc-oxide tape so you can tape up any hotspots should they occur. You should have one pair of boots nicely broken in for Ex Long Reach.
  11. Agreed. I was pleasantly surprised when I got issued my pair actually. Then again, my feet are used to being abused in riding / walking / climbing boots.
  12. Dependant on the amount of phys you do in boots during the first 5 weeks (anybody got the gen on that?) it might be worth buying an issue pair and breaking them in, then just be sneaky with the extra pair they issue you with.

    P.S - I personally find properly worn in issue boots very comfy with a decent insole.
  13. I agree, you can pick up a pair of issues cheap on ebay. Once there worn in and have a comfy insole there fine for anything. But till there worn in, you'd be better wrapping your feet in granite (unless you are one of those ba$tardos who have feet of iron and never get blisters. I hate those people)
  14. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I wonder how everyone coped before they introduced PCCBC?

    Highlandhitters - don't worry about it, you'll be fine just like everyone else used to be. Enjoy it!
  15. Thank you in advance , but do you have a link?