I have my PCCBC in a few days.
The company I work for will not give me time off for it.
If I go sick, I will get dismissal for poor attendance- already warned so ( had to go sick to do my AOSB)
If I go sick and go to PCCBC and fail I will not have a job.

I passed the medical at AOSB in late Sept. no injuries, illnesses or conditions. So how many people fail PCCBC and what are the reasons?

Could really do without this worry
You don't really have an option - if you miss PCCBC you won't have the job you want. Is there a particular element of the medical you are worried about? If nothing has changed since late Sept then you should be ok.

On the plus side, if you go to PCCBC and pass, get the sack and use the next few weeks (thats all it really is) to get fit and bone some birds before RMAS. Maybe even get a late fam visit/attachment in.

Alternatively, you can bin PCCBC and you place at RMAS, and wait until you oversleep after an Xmas bash and get the sack anyway.

I have some sympathy - I had a similar issue getting time off for AOSB. Initially I was refused the time, decided to jack the Friday before AOSB but one of the secretarys put a good word in for me with the Dept head and he allowed me the time off, once he was clear that there was no immediate danger of me leaving this side of Christmas.

In your case, explain the timescale. It might not be worth their while sacking you and replacing you now when you could work out a notice period.

Overall, unless you are an investment banker, jack the job.
Suppose unpaid leave is out of the question?

I reckon the best people to speak to about the failure rates and reasons are the careers office, or you can wait on here for the mates mate stories, or just made up lies to wind you up!

Good Luck.


What a pain; I'm presuming they won't let you take the time either as holiday or unpaid leave? If in your situation, and all peaceful avenues had been tried, I would screw them and go anyway.
Right, dont worry about the PCCBC, its not designed to be another test to see if you 'have what it takes to become an officer', that was already assessed at main board. I did my PCCBC last year and we were told that it is there to give you an insight into what to expect when you start the comissioning course. This was due to many people turning up on day 1 and not really knowing what they were getting themselves into. You also get issued boots and measured for kit. Yes there is a PFT (1.5 mile run, press-ups and sit-ups), but if you passed at main board then you should have no problems, this test is really to check that you havent been a lazy ba5tard since you passed main board. It is worth noting that you are expected to show some inprovement between PCCBC and when you start the CC. I know people that failed it, if this happens you have to see the old college commander to explain why. The medical is pretty much the same as AOSB, and a quick flick through your medical notes.

So my advice to you would be to just turn in sick, they cannot prove that you werent.

Bottom line though, if you really want to be an army officer do it, screw your current job, you will 'pass' the PCCBC by the sounds of things, have some confidence, and you will be in RMAS in no time at all.

Good luck, i will probably be seeing you in May!
now been told I can have "un-paid" leave providing I hand my notice in immediatly.....cnuts
Winner surely - you still have a job to go back to, and in the event of PCCBC going badly you can withdraw your notice. Don't worry about it - realistically how long were you going to stay anyway?
Just done PCCBC and it is VERY difficult to fail. Only those that got over 10.30 in the run were told to stay behind and were given a good bollocking..then those mongs that did shockingly badly were told to defer to May or whatever...I was worried too but then smashed out 8.44 in the run. Simples
Out of interest did that seem to put you towards the front of the pack in the run? Trying to work out what to work off in terms of average/good/really good times for the 2.4km run, I have an idea for 5km and so on.
8:44 is an entirely respectable time and would put you well up in the pack on the CC itself. There will always be a few racing snakes who will do 7:30ish (or even lower...) but as long as you are comfortably sub 9:30 (the Infantry 'standard') then you will be fine.
Out of interest did that seem to put you towards the front of the pack in the run? Trying to work out what to work off in terms of average/good/really good times for the 2.4km run, I have an idea for 5km and so on.
You get split into 3 groups on PCCBC and so I was running with roughly 30 others and I came in 7th, the guy who finished first got 8.10. By the way the fitness is all done on the last day just before you leave. Dont worry, the excitement of doing a PFA at RMAS will push your time down. The order they do the PFA is sit-ups, press-ups then run. Good luck

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