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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Sweeters2004, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Please could somebody with experience of attending PCCBC finally clear this one up........is the medical at PCCBC similar/more in depth than the one done at AOSB Main Board? There are lots of conflicting posts floating around and I would just like to know.

    PS nothing flagged on medical history etc, just curious.

  2. This is my first post on here after using the site alot in my run up to joining up.
    DONT PANIC .... The medicals running up to you starting RMAS are all very routine, unless you are lieing/hiding something you will be fine. The medical consists of a nurse weighing amd measuring you, then a doctor chatting to you and making you walk like a chimp!

    You should be much more worried about enjoying your freedom now whilst you still have it!
  3. WhiskeyOscar, is there a second hearing test?

    I almost failed mine at Main Board.
  4. Yes, there is not one at PCCBC but in the first week of RMAS, I seem to remember just randomly pressing the button and passing though! I havent heard of anyone failing it!
    I was much more worried about going straight into my first interview with my Pl Commander!
  5. Cheers mate, I did a bit of guessing too but not quite as successfully...
  6. There's a new DIN out about it, but can't link from this machine. DMS Staff have been told to be much harder on the medicals as RMAS is, by accident, heavily over subscribed so they need to shed about 10% of the next three intakes.

    Achieving this on medical grounds in week one makes a lot of sense, injuries sustained before training has commenced won't cost much in compensation.
  7. So are you saying that the medicals are much more stringent at PCCBC than Main Board? I thought (perhaps wrongly) that they go through your history, make you wal like a chimp, do your PULHEEMS stuff as per Main Board and if nothing is flagged then you get your green sticker?

    I know they also take blood as well but I thought it was not another filter stage and it was pretty difficult to fail on medical grounds unless you are hiding something/picked up something unfortunate in the interim between MB and PCCBC?

    Can you clear up please.

  8. I think what is being said is that with cutbacks it is easier to cut at PCCBC than in course! I am at RMAS at the moment and have experienced firsthand people being discharged for medical reasons that would usually result in being lucknowed for a term or two!
    However the Army will say that standards are the same and there are no quotas, we know this statistically has to be untrue!

    Dont worry about your medical, tell the truth, eat well and stay fit!
  9. WhiskyOscar, what kind of things are people being discharged for instead of joining Lucknow?

    I also broke my wrist 4.5 weeks ago and my pccbc is in Oct for a cc in Jan 2013. As the break is minor I have been told that I should be ok to continue with the aforementioned dates. This seems very lenient given the above information...
  10. Surely so long as you haven't had any drastic change since AOSB medicals there will be no issue?
    Surely it would be much easier to fail candidates at board rather than when they've already been allocated a place!
    Good to see lots of people on 131.