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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by smellison, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. I have my PCCBC in two days, but unfortunately through over-training I have cracked a rib. Have seen a doctor who has said that the rib will be fine and will heal in 3-4 weeks, and that I can continue to train during this period. Unfortunately as it is my bottom rib, I cannot do a single sit up, and press ups are an interesting concept. I can do the run, albeit its added about a minute on (very difficult to take a full breath).

    My question is, is there anyway I can pass PCCBC without a complete PFT, or am I doomed to delay to September. I am planning on ringing OCAC tomorrow and begging to be allowed on, my only hope is that Ill argue the rib will be fully healed in time for May and Im willing to drive to Westbury/RMAS is 4 weeks to complete a PFT. I was also in the TA for 4 years and have never failed a PFT ot CFT so will also use that as a point. Id guess my odds are about 5%, but its 0% if i dont try right?

    Any advice/predictions?
  2. Ring OCAC as only they can give you the definitive answer.

    Likely deferral until September, unfortunately. The medical on PCCBC is more rigorous than that at Westbury.
  3. When I was booking my PCCBC I was given 2 dates. Can't remember how far apart they are, but you might be able to kick onto the other date?

    I imagine that if you can't do PCCBC then you can't go onto the CC, so you may have to shift back to the next intake. Like the guy above said, ring OCAC.

    Just how much training were you doing, that you managed to crack a rib?
  4. Only applied in last few weeks so ive been pushing pretty hard to get to required level. Im on the last pccbc, but there only a week apart anyway. Another 4 months stuck on civvy street :( will ring tommorow an see what my fate is. With hundreds of people passing through every year and all of us pushing hard, i cant be the only person to get an injury
  5. I have been told, from a recruitment officer, that there are no places left on the sept intake.

    Best of luck and I hope you manage to get onto May.
  6. Really? The September intake is full already. Is it common for it to be full this early? I hate to think I'm going to be stuck on civvi street until at least January.
  7. Having just done PCCBC last week, I can offer the following: the main effort of that course, as stated by the OCAC, is to get everyone through the medical. I turned up there with an ongoing, but minor, medical issue, which was flagged up at the medical. They told me that between now and the CC, I need to see a specialist, and that if he doesn't give the green light, then I will be deferred. However, as there is every chance that the issue will have resolved itself before I even see the specialist (never mind start the course), it should be fine. There are obvious parallels with your situation.

    So, my advice is don't just defer yourself. Phone the OCAC and give them the information. Ultimately, it's not up to them to pronounce you fit for the course, it's up to the SMO. So given that your doctor reckons you'll be fine, they may very well want you to turn up and let the SMO have a look to see if he concurs. The course isn't there as another filter a la Westbury, it's merely to make sure that you start the CC with the best possible chance of succeeding. And make it clear to the OCAC that you're keen to complete the PCCBC, and your doctor thinks you'll be fine for a May start.

    The PFT, while important, is neither the main purpose of the course, nor an absolute pass/fail. Those who failed it because of laziness or failing to keep up their training can be deferred, and rightly so. But as you complete a PFT on arrival at the CC to determine fitness for training, and you have a proven record of being fit, that should really not be a drama in and of itself -- the bigger problem will be how they interpret your injury.

    Good luck, and hope to see you in May.
  8. Thanks for th advice guys. Have spoke to ocac today and they have advised me to attend pccbc. They also suggested it may be the case that i attend at a later date to complete a pft, which I am of course more than happy to do. Another hurdle jumped, now just need to drag my arse through the medical!
  9. They send out figures every few weeks and the figures released this week say that it is full. It is a mighty blow but nothing can be done about it. You could go in the reserve list but will be a bitter sweet thing if you get in because someone else has failed/been deferred.

    The best of luck with pccbc anyway!