PC (Windows) to Ubuntu Linux (and loving it)

PC to Mac - pah.

I have made the switch to Ubuntu after needing a reinstall as my Vista was going tits up, and I decided that legit software was the way to go. Bizarre thought I know. I have tried this before and quickly sacked it.

For the first time I believe that Linux is truly desktop-worthy without too much PC know-how (ARRSE has always run on it but that's different). I've been using it a lot for 3 weeks now and have no plans to revert. Very good all round.

The previous blockers for me were:

Troublesome wireless on my laptop
No Roboform form filler
No photoshop
No IE for testing
Dual display difficult (ie laptop + monitor)

All now cured to a greater or lesser extent:

Wireless: worked well out of the box.
Roboform: Alternatives available although not as good: SXIPPER / Password Gorilla.
Graphics: The Gimp with a couple of plug ins.
Vmware Virtual PC gives me a complete and fast Windows XP install on a virtual machine.
NVidia produce a good driver now, although my experience is that Linux / new ATI cards don't mix.
Open Office is very good, although may not be up to MS Office 2007 standards.

Very incomplete +s and -s:


Much faster.
Simple - easy navigation and you know where your files are.
Fast install with most stuff working and all basic software ready to go.
No file system fragmentation.
Much faster start up and shutdown.
More stable (on my laptop at least)
Instant install free software.
Auto software / OS updates.
Very good desktop switching and system, including Vista style alt-tab. A better if less 'gucci' looking interface that Vista or XP.
Less of a hack target


Still has Linux 'quirks' and is likely to be troublesome on very new or very old hardware (from SuSE experience).
Native fonts are still poor in browsers - mucking around needed after install, although nothing compared with the pain of a new windows install set-up.
Some windows software not available for Linux, but only inside the Virtual machine or the troublesome 'Wine' windows emulator.
My microphone didn't work.
My screen dimmer didn't work.
You need to be willing to get down into the weeds a bit and find out the basics of Linux as well as spend some time on help forums.

I thought I'd share that having just seen the PC to Mac thread.
Nice little write up, I have been dual-booting Windows + Ubuntu/Debian for 6-7 years and i know exactly where you are coming from with linux's niggles. Broadcom wireless cards were the bain of my existence about 4 years ago. I dont know if you have noticed the multiple desktops and the use of CTRL + ALT + Right or left arrow, very useful if you are supposed to be working but are looking at arrse at the same time, which I am obviously not doing right now. It is definitely a step in the right direction i think for people who are starting to worry about copyright protections being tightened up as for practically everything you use in windows there is a completely free alternative in linux and if you just cant live without an application run it using WINE ( windows emulator software). Also as mentioned there are a few virtualization programs available my favourite being virtualbox se if you have a half decent machine you can run both without a problem on multiple screens.

Just my insignificant input

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